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101 on Asset Tracking Technology (or “Content Surveillance”)


This blog is delivered to you from efforts of our partners at Real Time Networks What is Content Surveillance? When should you use it, and when shouldn’t you use it? The real power of the business and physical security solutions that we

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Finally a Solution for Eliminating In-Class Cell Phone Use: Trackable Storage

A quick search of Pinterest shows some creative ways teachers have come up with for maintaining a cell phone-free classroom. Suggestions range from shoe-holders converted to cell phone storage, to a basket of phones, and even written policies/and contracts.  

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Using Asset Tracking Lockers to Combat In-Class Cell Phone Use

  Cell phone usage in the classroom can be a big-time distraction. Asset tracking lockers have been used in a variety of settings such as for high-value equipment in a warehouse, to evidence storage in a police station. Companies use

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Why You Should Align Security System and Business Objectives

Physical and IT security convergence is a trending industry topic once again as technology innovations come to the marketplace. It seems with every new innovation, there are also those looking for the loopholes to take advantage of it for selfish

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Are Intelligent Locker Systems as Secure as They Say?

Intelligent locker systems, such as asset lockers and secure access systems, have grown in   popularity as we look for more safety, security, and convenience. You no longer need to re-key locks when a key is lost, stolen, or there’s

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Access Control Lockers for Your School’s Safety

School safety has never been more important as today’s youth have been targets of unimaginable violence. Being proactive and brainstorming the gamut of safety measures to put into place seems to be on every school board’s task list. Could access

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4 Surprising Reasons to Use Intelligent Lockers in Your Warehouse

Intelligent lockers are lockers with integrated smart design- such as limited access (pin, biometrics, key card, etc.), record keeping (who accessed when), and even temperature or air control. They were created to increase accountability, security, and safety. Already used in

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Asset Management Lockers: 6 Ways Employee Theft and Asset Loss is Hurting Your Business

Sadly, no business is immune from employee theft. In fact, studies show 75% of employees report having stolen from an employer at least once in their careers. Managers, and those in the highest positions of trust, are usually the employees

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Electronic Asset Lockers: 4 Critical Law Enforcement Locker Needs

Firearms, safety equipment, electronics, and evidence security are critical in the day-to-day jobs of law enforcement. Keeping these items safe and in the hands of only authorized personnel is of the utmost importance as well. Managing assets has never been

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Security Locker Solution for Managing Opiates and Other Drugs in Medical Settings

The opiate epidemic in America is taking a toll, and it’s not just patient use that is concerning, but also those in the medical field who are using and/or selling them. Just recently, in Salem, Massachusetts, General Hospital paid over

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