Education Smart Lockers For Students

DeBourgh’s smart lockers for schools make life easier for administration as well as their students. Transform your hallways and staff areas into low-contact storage spaces with easy-to-use smart locks and increased security. You can control who gets on the network. You can open or close all lockers during an emergency or for safety searches. There are many options available depending on how you’d like your students or staff to access their lockers, including with a phone, RFID card, or PIN code. These innovative and future-proof technologies allowsmart lockers for schools to provide peace of mind to students and faculty members by making life simpler.

No more having to worry about crossing an entire building complex during the brief window between classes, these multi-user smart lockers allow students to choose the one that is the closest and most convenient. The right kind of lockers can help you reduce the time spent on managing thousands of combinations,increase staff productivity and decrease long-term administrative costs. These can automate and optimize storage capacity, reducing your overall locker footprint. Leave behind the stress of losing locker keys or forgetting combination codes when you have a smart locker system at your facility.

Smart Lockers For Students

Student Lockers

With DeBourgh smart student Volta lockers you can leave behind the long hours changing combination locks or managing spreadsheets to assign lockers to students. We offer several different options when it comes to accessing your new smart lockers that make it even easier tooversee the entire system. We offer multiple authentication options, as well as your choice of fixed and flexible user options. An innovative cloud or hardwired support system gives the administrator complete control over lockers that can easily generate past and current usage reports.

Know exactly how many of your students are using their lockers, and know for certain which lockers are being used most frequently. Students can choose any locker they like anywhere in the building. Lockers can be reserved for ADA student. You can also restrict groups so that only certain students can access a particular wing of lockers. Set all these permissions up from your admin portal without messing with each individual locker. These lockers can often be used with your existing building credential, so you know who accessed which locker and where. Our electronic school lockers provide a better student experience; they can store personal belongings easily and without any hassle. We offer the only system that really is both flexible and secure. Remote management of lockers saves time for facility managers and campus administrators as there is no more manual assigning of lockers, log-keeping, relocations, and performing important management tasks. Our automated lockers allow administrators to view locker usage in real-time, collect data, and further optimize school storage.

Staff Lockers

Giving staff storage space that is both flexible and secure has been a priority for some districts in recent years. As staff has had to work with new in-classroom procedures and remote learning, especially with an influx of more temporary and part-time teachers, DeBourgh smart staff lockers make it easy to let them self-manage their personal storage as they need. These systems can often be used with your existing RFID credential, so you know who accessed which locker and where.

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