Are Intelligent Locker Systems as Secure as They Say?

Intelligent locker systems, such as asset lockers and secure access systems, have grown in


popularity as we look for more safety, security, and convenience. You no longer need to re-key locks when a key is lost, stolen, or there’s a need for an access change.  Smart lockers save time, money, and headaches with keyless entry. And rather than wondering who had access to equipment or specific areas, smart lockers can create real-time data and audit trails.


But are smart locker systems as safe as their proponents want you to believe? Yes. And here’s why:



State-of-the-Art Technology

Asset lockers, smart lockers, and secure access systems are designed by security companies with top reputations in the industry. Backed by experts with a sole focus on security, the technology used is designed to overcome past challenges and further support the needs of today’s clients.


Better Encryption

Keyless technology relies on encryption that requires multiple authentication points to access data, making hacking nearly impossible. With trillions of combinations, hackers would need nearly 200,000 years to get through a smart locker. Biometric authentication eliminates this threat, and while biometrics can be hacked, it is difficult, especially in regards to iris scans.  


Secure Formats

With secure formats, such as MIFARE or HID, your smart lockers are incredibly secure. The world’s leading smart card, MIFARE, has a proprietary, 3-pass encryption system to protect data on the card. Two 48-bit keys create 281 trillion possible combinations to break the password. Less secure than a bank card, they can be hacked, but only by specialists with top-grade tools, and that’s only if they don’t destroy the card in the process.


HID is an isolated security system, meaning you must partner with them, making them a more expensive option. Used by organizations who require significant security, the expense is the lesser of their concerns. HID is able to support multiple features such as building-wide access, security lockers, and more.

Overall, the safety and security behind smart access systems really does live up to the promises. Backed by a trustworthy industry, high-quality products, and innovative technology, smart locker systems are the reliable solution for organizations of all types to get the security they require.  Contact DeBourgh for more information and ways to keep your belongings safe.  



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