It Takes a Community to Make the World’s Best Lockers

We are the proud members of the La Junta and Arkansas River Valley community! Located in the high plains of Southwestern Colorado, we have always been a junction where many diverse peoples come together. Starting out as a trading fort along the old Santa Fe Trail, we’ve grown into a rail supply town and farming community known for growing some of the sweetest melons, the Rocky Ford Cantaloupes, as well as the world’s greatest storage solutions. Having done so much for us, we love to give back in any way we can!

DeBourgh Manufacturing has always been an active participant in our tight-knit community, with many of our board having served on City Council, the Hospital Board, Rotary Club, and Elk’s Club. We frequently partner with the great organizations such as T.R.Y., Tiger Resources for Youth, with our annual Toy Bowl that benefits Toys for Tots and food drive charities.

Fall is a special time of year, bringing in the scariest season. To help with that, we are honored to host our local ghostbusters for a Halloween trick-or treat session. We also have a blast supporting the non-profit Inspiration Field’s yearly “Monster Bash,” raising funds for local charities.

Education is extremely important to a thriving community, and that starts with getting involved! Whether it is showing young minds the serious side of business at our elementary schools’ Career Day or seminars on the manufacturing process to Arkansas Valley middle schools, we love to do our part in creating the future’s new titans of industry. Programs such as Pathway to Prosperity gathers Otero County business leaders to conduct mock interviews and training sessions for those students who about to enter the workforce.

History is the anchor that unites a place, and there is no better way to continue those traditions than celebrating the founding of the City of La Junta with a parade. DeBourgh always shows up in style to hand out gifts and prizes. However, history is also meant to be shared, and one way DeBourgh likes to do that is taking out of town guests to visit the famed Bent’s Old Fort National Historic Site, established in 1833 as the Southwest’s most important trading outpost.

Sometimes we celebrate everything that our families have done for us. DeBourgh puts on an End of Summer Party where we invite our friends and family for a day of revelry to kick back and relax after a season of hard work.

Celebrations are a community affair. Whether it is taking our veterans out for a steak dinner in honor of their service to our country, a retirement dinner at the Koshare Museum, an International Food or Healthy Activities Day, there is always an excuse to get together and have fun!

DeBourgh is always happy to lend a hand when it comes to community events. The Koshare Indian Dancers Golf Tournament, holiday bake good drives and games are just a few of things always going in La Junta. Even if it means creating trash cans for our downtown, there is no project that is too small!

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