Our Facility

We’ve converted our facility to linear
fluorescent lighting, which uses less than half the electricity as metal halide lights and provide a better work environment. DeBourgh has installed radiant heat throughout our 110,000 square-foot manufacturing facility to reduce gas usage and provide more effective heating, and we use a ceramic filtration process to clean all water that is discharged from our building.

Our Materials

DeBourgh also uses as much domestic
recycled steel as possible; ours is made from 20-30% post-industrial steel and we reprocess any scrap steel at a nearby mill.

DeBourgh uses powder coating technology as an alternative to liquid paint finishing for all our products. Powder coating technology eliminates the use of hazardous solvents and thinners. Plus, powder coating materials are 100% recyclable.

Doing Our Part

To address conservation, DeBourgh planted more than 1,000 trees on 15 acres of land to provide oxygen release and sequester carbon. In fact, the National Forest Service designated this area to “Tree Farm.”

The DeBourgh Wellness Committee launched a recycling at work program in the Fall of 2018 because we believe that to be healthy, we ought to make the environment a top priority. We have committed to reducing our environmental impact and keeping America beautiful. At DeBourgh, we recycle cardboard (lots!), paper, glass and plastic. We bought a membership with Clean Valley Recycling – a not-for-profit located in Swink, CO who utilizes the fees to cover overhead.

In the end, it makes things better for our customers, our employees and the planet.