Access Control Lockers for Your School’s Safety

School safety has never been more important as today’s youth have been targets of unimaginable violence. Being proactive and brainstorming the gamut of safety measures to put into place seems to be on every school board’s task list. Could access control lockers help? How can access control doors and lockers be tied together for greater safety and impact?


Can Access Control Lockers Help?

We all hope we never have to face a school emergency, but being prepared is our first and best defense. Limiting access to certain school areas can help protect innocent children and staff from unauthorized people. And, controlling who can access specific areas at critical times can be life-saving in an emergency.


Access control lockers have been designed for a variety of uses, and in the case of school safety can contain important supplies, information, and equipment while offering limited access. Lockers with access control features can be accessed quickly and easily, without a key, for optimal security and flexibility. Lockers can be opened with a biometric system, pin code, or key card. If a key card is lost or stolen, it can quickly be deactivated, rendering it useless, unlike keyed locks which require being rekeyed.


Because access can be limited to specific personnel, the locker is incredibly secure. It will also keep an audit trail of who has accessed the locker and when.


How to Determine the Best Solution

The first step is to identify the overall goals of any access control. What do you want to have happen? Who should have access to which areas? What access points should be covered? How many are there? Complete an audit of what you have, what you need, and what needs to change.


Second, create an access policy that outlines exactly who has access and when. This includes guests, staff, vendors, students, parents, etc. Create your safety plan that outlines who needs access to certain areas and the process to make that achievable.


Third, determine the logistics. Who will manage the installation? Who will research locker vendors and access control providers? What will the installation schedule look like? Who will be managing the system after installation? Who will service it?

It is important to examine your needs and create a plan that allows you optimal safety while also being agile enough to grow with your needs, maintain aesthetics, and not become obsolete as technology changes.  For more information on Access Control Lockers, contact us today.  

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