Healthcare Asset Tracking Lockers

Managing assets in a healthcare setting is critical and often, life-saving. Let the our healthcare asset tracking lockers, with AssetTracer smart locker system help with compliance and workflow to accomplish your goals. AssetTracer is a complete, real-time asset management platform that is designed to revolutionize how staff interact with controlled substances, important tools and equipment, and inventory control.

Controlled Substance Tracking Lockers

Making sure the right medication goes where it’s supposed to go is imperative. Store and track these medications with AssetTracer – an advanced locker system that ensures that only the right people have access to life-saving medications.

asset tracking locker side view
assettracer locker front view healthcare

Equipment Asset Tracking

How long should your staff search for the right tool for the job? Exactly zero seconds. AssetTracer facilitates a check-in/check-out process that dispenses assets to the right person each time. Dispense only assets that are charged and undamaged – the system keeps track of both for you. With AssetTracer’s modular system, many different sizes of equipment can be stored as well.

assettracer locker on white background

Healthcare Inventory Control

Knowing who got what item is an essential but time-consuming process for most businesses. AssetTracer simplifies the process so you can see who took what and when. Distribute IT assets or even PPE to on-site staff. AssetTracer has an application for every situation, done in Real Time.