Healthcare Smart Lockers

DeBourgh’s smart lockers for healthcare transforms your spaces into low-contact storage spaces with easier-to-use locks and increased security. There are many options available depending on how you’d like your staff to access their lockers; whether it’s phone, RFID card, or PIN code.

Staff Lockers

Giving staff storage space that is both flexible and secure has been a priority for some hospitals and facilities in recent years. As staff have to work with a variety of patients and in various important situations, making it easy to let them self-manage storage as they need it is a no-brainer. These systems can often be used with your existing RFID credentials, so you know who accessed which locker and where. Making sure your stuff is safe should not be top of mind while you are on the floor saving lives!

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Healthcare Smart Lockers

Lobby Lockers

Some people may be in your waiting room for hours. Let patrons lock up their items for a temporary amount of time that they can access by PIN or phone. It’s easy and requires virtually no management from your team. With DeBourgh’s lockers, you won’t have to worry about anyone being too rough on the lockers. They are truly built to last!

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