I am trying to match an architectural specification. Can you help?

Yes, we can! If you attach your specification to our Request a Quote form, we’ll be able to evaluate it and suggest the product that most closely matches.

How many colors can I get with my locker?

Our lockers allow you to choose two Standard Colors, one color for the door and one color for the locker body. Extra or custom colors require an upcharge.

What installation hardware do I need? Does installation hardware come with the lockers?

Installation hardware does not come with the lockers, as the type of hardware needed depends on the site conditions. Consult your installation team for the proper hardware required for the wall type and floor material where the lockers will be placed.

Do your lockers come pre-assembled?

Yes, all of our lockers are pre-assembled and fully welded here in the plant before they arrive at the installation site.

How will my lockers be packaged? Will my order be palletized?

Lockers will be wrapped in foam for their shipment. The decision on whether to palletize your lockers or floor load them onto a truck depends on the size of the project. Anything that takes up less than 20% of one truck will be palletized and shipped via LTL, or less than full truckload. Anything over 20% will be floor loaded on a dedicated truck.

What is the difference between knock down and all-welded lockers?

Knockdown lockers are manufactured as individual pieces and then assembled on site using bolts and rivets. This allows the frame to shift and loosen in time, which can cause issues with alignment and the normal functioning of doors. All-welded lockers with an unibody design are constructed according to a unit principle, where a locker unit shares a single back, top and bottom. This ensures longevity by providing a much stronger structural frame, which prevents the kind of shifting over time that leads to locker failures and the need for constant maintenance.

What locks will my lockers accept?

DeBourgh lockers have housed almost any lock you can imagine. For our Classic Lockers, any standard, 3-hole lock that fits into a cup will work with our lockers. However, we have also employed many of the top intelligent locks in our Smart Lockers. If you have a particular lock that you need to use, we can even design a custom door for your system. All you need to do is reach out!

What are the differences between Apex, Core, and Rebel?

To makes lockers that work, it comes down to construction. All DeBourgh lockers are designed to be all-welded with a uni-body philosophy, where every unit has a single back, top and sides for extra strength and rigidity.

Our economical Rebel line comes in a “Rebel” option that has an 18-gauge body and a 20-gauge steel back, or the “Rebel Plus” option with a 16-gauge body and 18-gauge back.

The Core line starts with a 16-gauge body and 18-gauge back, but also includes a four-sided door strike, which provides extra pry-resistant security and noise cancellation. Core Custom lockers also have many options and configurations that are not available with Rebel lockers.

Apex lockers are the top-of-the-line, with an angle iron frame that creates the structure of the body, which then has a 16-gauge body and 18-gauge back. This is for maximum strength, durability and longevity. There is no other locker that can compare!

We also have an easy-to-read infographic that breaks down the differences between our Apex, Core and Rebel lockers here.