Classic Workplace Lockers For Staff

DeBourgh’s classic workplace lockers enhance safety and security for your staff. When your laminate lockers get worn down, our all welded steel lockers stand the test of time without looking at their age. Classic storage lockers have become an essential part of businesses that need long-lasting lockers that need minimal maintenance. Your staff expects a safe and sturdy storage facility that works. Our classic workplace lockers provide better office security, improve productivity, reduce workplace disruptions, cut operational costs, and save valuable space.  


Staff Lockers

DeBourgh classic metal staff lockers are designed to last the lifetime of your facility. These heavy-duty lockers are unibody and all welded, which means they are hassle free and hold up to frequent use without needing constant maintenance. Our lockers are protected with durable powder coating. They come in many sizes and tier configurations to cover all types of personal storage and work gear. They’re ready for your choice of built-in combination or padlock. This allows you to go about your work day without worry.

Our staff lockers have a versatile range of options that we provide. That’s why DeBourgh offers two standard products in hallways: you can pick the gauge, sizes, accessories, and price that works for your employees. All available lockers are convenient, making storing clothes, equipment, and other belongings easy. Both types of workplace lockers are perfect for storing shoes, hats, and other personal belongings

white lockers in hallway

Rebel Vs. Core

Lifetime Warranty
All-Welded Unibody
2-3 ml Powder Coat Paint
27 Standard Colors
Earthquake-Resistant Seismic Bottoms
4-Sided Welded Slope Top
All-Welded Closed Base
American Cold Rolled Steel
Rust-Resistant Galvannealed Steel Option
Heavy Duty 14 Ga Door Option
3 Latching Options
Anti-Vandalism Door Strike
Extra Durable Angle Iron Frames
Heavy Duty Knuckle Hinge
Custom Sizes & Configurations
Options for Power & USB Charging
Door Ventilation - Solid
Door Ventilation - Louvered
Door Ventilation - Diamond Perforated
Door Ventilation - Secure-N-Vent
Door Ventilation - 3/4 in. 13 Ga Expanded Metal Mesh
Side Ventilation - Solid
Side Ventilation - Diamond Perforated
Side Ventilation - 3/4 in. 13 Ga Expanded Metal Mesh

Workplace Fitness Lockers

Many workplaces now offer fitness options for their staff as a convenient alternative to rushing to the gym each morning. For your fitness spaces, consider the Flex Fitness lockers, which are our classic all-welded steel body but dressed up with a laminate or phenolic door so you can keep the aesthetics in line with your design ideals. Our classic fitness lockers can be used with specialized mechanical locks, allowing for day-use operation without needing wires or batteries!


Flex Fitness