Our Story

Generational Quality

DeBourgh was established by four brothers, Oscar, Herman, Henry, and Alfred Berg in 1909 in Minneapolis, MN.  Originally naming the company “Berg Brothers”, the family eventually adopted their pre-assimilated surname of “DeBourgh” for the company in the early 1930’s. We started as a small sheet metal fabrication shop specializing in poultry supplies, roofing, gutters, steel ceilings and light metal works. Over time the company grew in both its capabilities and expertise in steel fab to offer defense equipment, aviation parts, earth moving equipment and machinery, and incredibly sturdy pedestrian bridges that you can still find scattered across the country.

DeBourgh revolutionized many steel fabrication techniques including precision flame cutting, every flavor of welding available, and machines of our own design and engineering that forged the path to provide some of the longest lasting, highest quality products in the market.  One such line is the All-American Locker, now known as APEX, the first of its kind bringing the strength of steel combined with clever concepts of latching and ventilation to a market that asked for peace of mind, and received it from DeBourgh.

The first athletic locker as you know it now was conceived from a request in 1931 from the University of Minnesota to provide a locker for their hockey team with easy maintenance, high security, and ample airflow to keep their equipment safe while letting it dry quickly.  If you’ve ever been inside a hockey locker room, you know why ventilation is so important!  This all-welded, angle iron design spread quickly through word o

DeBourgh was not alone in providing the world’s strongest school lockers to customers across the country.  Bob Berg, son of Herman and a second generation owner forged partnerships with equally strong companies who sought to bring an array of school solutions directly to the customer as a one-stop package.  These relationships blossomed into partnerships, some of which spanning more than 60 years that remain as strong today, if not stronger.

In 1990, the company was moved to La Junta, Colorado under the leadership of the third generation, all sons and daughter of Bob: Steve, Janet, and Rob Berg.  The company focused solely on the locker division after the move, strengthening bonds with partners and school districts who came to rely on consistent on-time delivery and a locker that simply, worked!

As technology has become an integral part of each segment of our daily lives, DeBourgh brings tremendous value to spaces looking for smart solutions on storage, exchanging items, and retrieving goods or products.  From storing higher value items like laptops, phones, and tablets, to an integrated system that speaks to the global security of a building, the lockers need to simply, work!  Our design and guarantee of workmanship ensure that to be the case, every time.

The company is currently led by a member of the fourth generation, Patrick Berg, serving the company as President and CEO.  The vision of the business is to continue to be an empathetic company that cares as much for its employees, partners, and customers as it does for its own family.  The benefits we provide to our team members and the individual careers we work to foster, support, and grow speak to that vision.  Our mission is to evoke the “they don’t make ‘em like that anymore” feeling in everyone the company touches through our products and our customer service.