Education Asset Tracking Lockers

With advanced education asset tracking capabilities, your most vital items can be stored with peace-of-mind. The AssetTracer smart locker system provides modular storage with advanced accessing capabilities so you can have total control over where your assets are and who has access.

Laptop & Cell Phone Tracking

Many spaces are reviewing their mobile device policies and implementing a way to store, track, and distribute these assets securely. Store and charge laptops and phones with AssetTracer.

With AssetTracer, the system does all the hard work for you. An easy-to-use dashboard lets you see all your assets and their statuses in real-time.

asset tracking locker closeup

Controlled Substance Tracking

Whether in the classroom or at the nurse’s station, more and more schools are having to hold controlled substances for students. It’s imperative that these stay in the right hands. Store and track these medications with AssetTracer – an advanced locker system. Using the system ensures that only the right people can access life-saving medications.


Contraband Tracking Lockers

Security is an important part of day-to-day life in education spaces. SROs are a common sight, and the items they confiscate can be of great importance. In some cases, these SROs may need access to crowd-control assets or even weapons. Knowing who has access to these items and ensuring they can be easily accessed by approved individuals with total audit trail capabilities is paramount. AssetTracer handles all of this for you and more, so your students can go about their day with peace of mind.