Public Safety Tactical Lockers

DeBourgh’s TA-50 public safety tactical lockers are designed exclusively for the security and accessibility needs of law enforcement and military personnel. 

Our robust and secure lockers choose substance over style and provide a reliable solution for storing tactical gear. This ensures that only authorized individuals have access. 

TA-50 Tactical Lockers

We construct each locker of 1” x 1” x 1/8” Angle Iron Steel frame with expanded metal mesh sides. This allows for ventilation and visibility without giving up on security. This heavy-duty military storage locker is large enough to house a full squad’s gear and is strong enough to be deployed with the unit quickly. 

Our public safety tactical lockers, like the TA-50, are truly as tough as you can get. We’ve hit these things with forklifts and baseball bats and they keep working. That’s American ingenuity!

We craft our tactical lockers with precision and durability in mind. Our expert team takes the time to build each storage system to withstand the demands of high-security environments. We engineer our lockers using top-quality materials, offer a fortified fortress for storing sensitive equipment. This helps you in keeping it safe from unauthorized access.

Invest in the security of your team’s equipment with DeBourgh’s TA-50 tactical locker storage system. They are the epitome of reliability and precision in safeguarding tactical gear for those who protect and serve.

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