Finally a Solution for Eliminating In-Class Cell Phone Use: Trackable Storage

A quick search of Pinterest shows some creative ways teachers have come up with for maintaining a cell phone-free classroom. Suggestions range from shoe-holders converted to cell phone storage, to a basket of phones, and even written policies/and contracts.


Administrators have looked at making cell coverage unavailable to students, but that can hinder resources such as online search, or streaming or cataloged online learning. Some schools have chosen to provide authorized equipment, limited access to only those devices – but with how quickly technology changes, and how differently students learn, that can quickly become cost-prohibitive.


But, while intranets help support both student safety and productivity, the problem remains with in-class cell phone use keeping students from being fully engaged in the classroom.


Should Classrooms Limit Cell Phone Use?

Putting phones away can help improve focus, test scores, and emotional well-being, according to research by Away for the Day, an initiative to make middle school classrooms cell phone-free.


Schools trying to prepare students for college and the workforce encourage students to learn when it is appropriate to use cell phones and when not, but when it comes to test-taking especially, having a cell phone-free zone isn’t just about distracting the student, it could become a liability.


When it comes to test taking, where supplies aren’t allowed into the testing centers, secure lockers are the new norm. This is also paving the way for innovative solutions in middle and high schools for more secure solutions for cell phone storage.


Even with no-phone policies, and “leave it at the door” solutions, students are still finding ways to sneak their devices into classrooms. With technology being easily stolen, it’s no wonder students want to keep their valuables with them, but custom, ultra-secure lockers are now being used to help create safe, cell phone-free spaces.


Trackable Storage

As mentioned, testing lockers allow students to securely store supplies and personal items for short-term use, and this could be the perfect solution for cell phones as well. Customized by size, trackable storage lockers can hold cell phones, tablets, calculator,s or even music or art equipment, limiting access to certain people and certain times, while creating an audit trail of who accessed the contents.


Keycards, pin numbers, or biometrics can be used to access the contents, preventing theft, or even a mistaken grab of the wrong device. Plus, the high-quality durable lockers come in a variety of sizes, so as technology, or security needs change, lockers can be expanded or repurposed.

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