4 Surprising Reasons to Use Intelligent Lockers in Your Warehouse

Intelligent lockers are lockers with integrated smart design- such as limited access (pin, biometrics, key card, etc.), record keeping (who accessed when), and even temperature or air control. They were created to increase accountability, security, and safety. Already used in government and educational settings, intelligent lockers are setting a standard for the future of asset management. Here are some transferable ways they are being used, as well as some unique ways they support warehouse use.

No keys or locks to replace

Lockers of old often have keys or locks in place that are poor quality or require replacing or re-keying the lock if the key is lost. Intelligent lockers rely instead on electricity and often a battery backup system, thereby reducing downtime when there is a lock-out scenario. Create a unique employee biometric, assign a pin number, or issue an electronic keycard, and simply change or deactivate it when the employee forgets or is no longer employed. No more cutting off locks, re-keying, or managing locks and keys.

Create personal space

Warehouse personnel don’t have office or cubicle space, yet still need an area where their personal items can be kept safe. Because intelligent lockers can be customized, a variety of sizes are available to create areas for an array of needs such as uniforms, personal equipment, and valuables. Employees can feel secure knowing their items are safe and that management cares enough to make the lockers high-quality and in good working order.



When you are working with an electronic interface, you need to have a top-quality locker.  Not only is the material long lasting, but the locking mechanisms- the most common complaint in standard lockers- is strong, secure, and easily maintained. Often in a warehouse setting, temperature, weather, and even manufacturing debris can come in contact with lockers, prematurely aging them. Ensuring the lock interface is attached to a long-lasting locker made with durable materials is paramount.


Lockers don’t need to be limited to employee use only. If you are needing specific equipment to be better monitored for use – such as hand-held scanners, important procedure documents, tools, or more – asset lockers can be used to limit access to certain qualified professionals, creating an audit trail for their safe return. Add or subtract lockers to best meet your needs, at any given time, using the space you already have.

Warehouse use of intelligent lockers is just good for business. They protect both your employees’ valuables as well as your own, are customizable in appearance and configuration, durable, and easy to use. Want more information? Contact DeBourgh at info@debourgh.com today.

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