Secure and organize your tactical gear with DeBourgh’s TA-50 Tactical Lockers, designed for military, law enforcement, and security personnel. Built from high-gauge steel, including a  1” x 1” x 1/8” Angle Iron Steel frame, these lockers offer exceptional durability and security, ensuring that your equipment is always protected and accessible.

Key Features:

  • Heavy-Duty Construction: Engineered from high-gauge steel to withstand harsh conditions.
  • Customizable Interiors: Adjustable shelves and hooks to accommodate a variety of gear.
  • Ventilation Options: Perforated doors and sides for optimal airflow, keeping equipment dry.
  • Enhanced Security: Advanced locking mechanisms to keep your gear safe.
  • Spacious Design: Ample storage space for uniforms, weapons, and tactical gear.
  • Professional Appearance: Sleek design with a durable powder-coated finish.

These lockers are tailored to meet the rigorous demands of tactical operations, providing reliable storage solutions for your essential gear. With DeBourgh’s TA-50 Tactical Lockers, you’ll have the peace of mind that your equipment is secure and ready for action.


Designed to Take a Beating

Built of our classic angle iron steel and fully welded for durability, the TA-50 military locker is as tough as you can get. We’ve hit these things with forklifts and baseball bats and they keep working. That’s American ingenuity!

TA-50 Tactical Lockers in a facility with gear stored inside

Big or Bigger

These military storage lockers come in a variety of sizes, even up to 42” wide x 42” deep x 96” tall. That’s a really big locker to make sure there’s plenty of space for all your gear.

TA-50 Specifications:

DeBourgh TA-50 gear storage lockers offer the following features:

  • 1″ x 1″ continuous angle iron frames
  • All-welded construction
  • 45 cu. ft. of storage space for equipment or uniforms
  • Expanded metal sides provide 73% ventilation per square inch
  • Solid sheet, 18-gauge backs welded to frames of sides and intermediate partitions
  • 16-gauge shelves with maximum 200 lb. weight limit
  • Closed 4″ high, 14-gauge welded steel base
  • Open air circulation for easy visual inspection of contents
  • The most secure latching mechanism available
  • Accessories available, including aluminum number plate and clothes rod
  • State of the Art Powder Coat Finish
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty