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  • Smart Locker Solutions from Small Business to Corporate Use

    Businesses of all sizes, corporate offices, and commercial management companies can be much more efficient with storage locker systems that perform multiple functions. If you are searching for storage solutions designed to improve how employees perform and how business is conducted,…Read more ›

  • Smart Locker Solutions for Asset Security, Tracking, and Document Exchange

    When a business has shared mobile equipment, assets, and documents, they can be lost, damaged, or mislaid. Identifying the last employee to use a specific document or device can be essential for tracking and reporting purposes. Intelligent or smart locker…Read more ›

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Safe & Contactless Electronic Storage Lockers For Office & Workspace

Back in the day, lockers were simply a box with a door and a lock. But today, lockers have evolved so much and have become much smarter. DeBourgh engineers intelligent and high-tech American lockers that go beyond providing secured storage. We have a wide range of smart contactless storage lockers that serve a multitude of diverse applications.

Our smart outdoor locker system provides a fully integrated and secure system to simplify storage, product pickup, drop off and retrieval. We have designed our smart storage lockers keeping the end-user in mind such that each one of them enhances, complements, and expands the usage across a variety of industries.

  •         Contactless and hygienic lockers
  •         Highly secure, easy to integrate and user-friendly
  •         Save space and the environment
  •         Looks good and clean
  •         Highly secure and fully concealed
  •         Cost-effective and remove storage-related stress

Suitable for any type of workplace, our contactless storage locker is a safe, user-oriented and dynamic option for personal storage for employees, gym clients, students and others. At the same time, you can save a lot of time, money and space by choosing our smart locker system as they are seamlessly integrated and maintenance-free. 100% contactless and quick locker management with social distancing features.  Shop now!