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Safe & Contactless Electronic Storage Lockers For Office & Workspace

Back in the day, lockers were simply a box with a door and a lock. But today, lockers have evolved so much and have become much smarter. DeBourgh engineers intelligent and high-tech American lockers that go beyond providing secured storage. We have a wide range of smart contactless storage lockers that serve a multitude of diverse applications.

Our smart outdoor locker system provides a fully integrated and secure system to simplify storage, product pickup, drop off and retrieval. We have designed our smart storage lockers keeping the end-user in mind such that each one of them enhances, complements, and expands the usage across a variety of industries.

  •         Contactless and hygienic lockers
  •         Highly secure, easy to integrate and user-friendly
  •         Save space and the environment
  •         Looks good and clean
  •         Highly secure and fully concealed
  •         Cost-effective and remove storage-related stress

Suitable for any type of workplace, our contactless storage locker is a safe, user-oriented and dynamic option for personal storage for employees, gym clients, students and others. At the same time, you can save a lot of time, money and space by choosing our smart locker system as they are seamlessly integrated and maintenance-free. 100% contactless and quick locker management with social distancing features.  Shop now!