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8 Ways to Improve School Technology Management with Smart Lockers

Smart school lockers have become an increasingly popular solution for managing student technology devices in schools. They offer significantly more control and oversight than traditional hallway lockers, as they come with built-in features to improve security, limit access, and deter theft. Smart school lockers come with a large range of features, allowing your school to pick and choose, scale up or down, and select the right fit for your needs. They have the ability to transform your school and improve the student experience when used properly.

DeBourgh Locker Experts will work with you to create a storage solution for your school devices, but please read below on how our smart school lockers can improve your device security and management. We offer smart school lockers and asset-tracking lockers that each provide unique benefits and

  1. Secure Storage: Smart lockers provide a safe and secure place for students to store their laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices. They come equipped with digital locks that can only be opened with a unique code, biometric approval, phone, or ID card, ensuring that only authorized users have access to the contents. Our smart student lockers ensure access is restricted only to certain individuals so that the right items stay in the proper hands.
  2. Reduced Theft: Smart lockers help reduce the theft of electronic devices, which can be costly and disruptive for both students and schools. With a more secure storage option, students are less likely to leave their devices unattended, reducing the risk of theft. Our smart student lockers also track usage so that administrators can see when a unit was opened and by who opened it. There are also options for surveillance such as cameras and alarms to deter potential break-ins.
  3. Charging Capabilities: Smart lockers come with charging capabilities, allowing students to charge their devices while they are stored. This is especially important for schools with limited power outlets and charging stations. For shared devices, this can be especially useful because while in use they typically will not be charged. Opening up a locker and finding a dead device is never a good way to start the day.
  4. Easy Tracking: Smart lockers provide schools with an easy way to track student technology devices. Each locker can be assigned to a specific student, making it easy to keep track of who has which device, but permissions to lockers can be changed remotely by teachers and administrators. Even better, there is an automatic log created for every transaction. A digital footprint like this can be extremely useful when a device is lost or when a school is making the decision to scale up or down.
  5. Remote Management: Some smart lockers can be remotely managed, allowing teachers or administrators to monitor device usage and control access to lockers from a central location. This can make it easier to enforce school policies and ensure that devices are being used appropriately. With asset tracking lockers, cell phone policies can be more easily enforced, and if a student or teacher cannot be physically present to receive materials, a secure drop-off can be arranged remotely. Lastly, in case of an emergency, lockers can be opened or secured all from a central location. School resource officers can store crowd control tools and administrators can remotely allow access to the right personnel.
  6. Personalized Assignments: Smart school lockers can be assigned to individual students or entire groups of students, making it easy for schools to keep track of who has access to which device. This can help prevent loss or theft of devices and make it easier to manage device assignments throughout the school year. At any given time a locker assignment can be changed to allow for greater resource sharing, which can save money on technology investments.
  7. Time-Saving: Smart lockers can save time for both students and teachers. Instead of spending valuable class time distributing and collecting devices, students can quickly and easily access their devices from their assigned lockers. Also, instead of returning to the same locker location throughout the day, students can opt to use multiple different lockers depending on the convenience of the location within the building. Instead of running around between classes to retrieve tools and devices, students can find an open locker nearby and use it only when they need it.
  8. Cost-Effective: Smart lockers can be a cost-effective solution for schools that are looking to manage student technology devices. They can help reduce the need for additional charging stations and storage cabinets, and can also help reduce the cost of lost or stolen devices. Smart lockers are truly an investment into a more sustainable future. With a log to track usage, school administrators can more effectively decide to purchase more devices, or perhaps even purchase more smart school lockers. Smart lockers can provide a lot of useful data to power effective decision-making around schools.

As school funding shifts, you need to make sound investments into your technology budget, and smart school lockers provide many lasting benefits to students and administrators. With more and more electronic devices in use, schools need to find a way to effectively manage and allocate resources. Smart lockers can provide a sophisticated resource-sharing plan for students that can be flexible, secure, and easily managed.

Our Locker Experts can help you with a range of storage solutions for your unique needs. We provide everything from traditional steel hallway lockers to sophisticated asset-tracking smart school lockers. Get in touch with our experts today!