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How to Supercharge Your School Safety with Smart Lockers

Students and teachers perform at their best when they feel comfortable and safe. School campuses have a lot of foot traffic and activity, leaving room for many distractions and unwanted surprises. Even when a school’s entry has been secured, there can still be breaches in security, and sometimes students themselves are the perpetrators of unwanted activity.

Beyond investing in security systems and personnel, smart locker systems installed in schools or campuses can actually be used in a variety of ways that not only improve campus security but also enhance the student experience and bring greater value to their education as a whole. Below are eight ways that smart lockers improve security in school settings – and this goes beyond their intrinsic value as storage modules and asset trackers.

1. Keyless Entry: Intelligent lockers use a combination of codes, cards, or biometrics to grant access, eliminating the need for physical keys. This improves security by reducing the risk of lost or stolen keys and making it easier to track who has accessed the locker. Misplacing or losing keys can happen to anyone, and if those keys fall into the wrong hands, the risk of theft or security breaches increases. Without physical keys, smart lockers eliminate a very real risk of an unauthorized party gaining access to valuables.

2. Real-time Monitoring: Many smart locker systems include real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities that allow administrators to track who has accessed the lockers and when. This can help identify any suspicious activity and improve overall security. Aside from hallway cameras and security personnel, your smart lockers can also act as a level of defense, helping to identify and track an individual’s whereabouts. Intelligent locker software is improving at a rapid pace, allowing those with access to a lot of data on the coming and going of users.

3. Remote Management: Intelligent lockers can be managed remotely, which makes it easy for administrators to grant or revoke access, change codes or biometrics, and monitor usage from a central location. During lockdowns or even when illness might be widespread, it could be useful to grant or revoke access to storage modules remotely. In our increasingly contact-free world, this ability is in high demand and will continue to grow. Even if an administrator is not actively on-site at work, they can still manage the smart lockers system at home in their pajamas, or at the beach with a beverage in hand.

4. Tamper-proof Design: Some intelligent locker systems feature tamper-proof designs that make it difficult for unauthorized individuals to gain access. This can include reinforced steel construction, locking mechanisms protected from tampering, and other physical security features. While trusty old aluminum lockers do offer a lot of protection from brute force entries, our modern smart lockers feature both sturdy and sophisticated designs that can detect when entry is being forced and even take steps to deter a break-in, such as the setting off of an alarm or allowing an administrator to actively communicate with the perpetrator.

5. Analytics and Reporting: Intelligent locker systems can also provide detailed analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing administrators to track usage patterns, identify high-traffic areas, and make data-driven decisions to improve security. The capability to identify usage patterns can be important for crowd control during busy times of the school day, but could also improve the overall use of a smart school locker. By identifying patterns in use, it could also be helpful when planning to expand or reduce the number of smart lockers in use on campus, allowing for better traffic flow.

6. Access Control: Intelligent lockers can be configured to only allow access to authorized individuals, based on their role or clearance level. This can help prevent unauthorized access to sensitive areas or equipment. Intelligent lockers can be especially useful in the nurse’s office, the records office, or the security office. Some schools even use smart lockers to control the passage of chemicals in their chemistry labs, which can be an easy target for theft.

7. Automated Alerts: Many intelligent locker systems can send automated alerts when a locker is accessed, tampered with, or left open. This can help administrators quickly respond to any potential security breaches. Smart locker software can be configured in a number of helpful ways, and just like a smartphone, alerts can be customized to send depending on the user and what module has been accessed. Knowing exactly who, where, and when a locker is being accessed can make a difference during critical situations. Some kinds of asset-tracking lockers can even detect contraband such as weapons when placed inside a module, or they can be made to track their movement.

8. Integration with Other Systems: Intelligent lockers can be integrated with other security systems, such as surveillance cameras and access control systems, which can enhance the school’s overall security. This allows for a more comprehensive security solution that can be controlled from a single platform. Working alongside your security partner, you might be surprised at the level of safety that smart lockers can provide for students and teachers.

Smart locker systems have so many uses beyond simple storage. With thoughtful planning and proper configuration, a system of smart lockers can offer a significant level of defense inside schools. Intelligent school lockers make for a worthwhile investment, especially when the health and well-being of your students and staff are at stake.

DeBourgh’s smart lockers for schools transform your hallways and staff areas into low-contact storage spaces with easier-to-use locks and increased security. Whether you need sturdy hallway lockers, contactless storage lockers, or asset-tracking lockers, our locker experts can help you pick the right product for your exact needs.

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