Smart school lockers

Smart School Lockers vs. Traditional Lockers: Which is Better for Your School?

Whether you need traditional hallway lockers or sophisticated electronic storage lockers for your school, DeBourgh has all your bases covered. Both types of lockers offer benefits and can be custom-made for your school. Whether your application is for indoor or outdoor lockers, or in a unique color scheme, we have seen it all. By working with our engineers, you save time, money, and space, which can help bring your smart locker ideas to life. Our secure lockers are always designed to be maintenance-free, durable, long-lasting, and easy to use – no matter which kind you choose.

Let’s consider some of the benefits of DeBourgh’s Smart School Lockers.

  1. Increased Security: Smart lockers have advanced locking mechanisms, such as phone access, pin code, and RFID technology, that provide better security for student belongings. This reduces the risk of theft and vandalism and ensures that only authorized users can access the lockers. Lockers can be opened or closed during an emergency or safety search.
  2. Better Organization: Smart lockers typically have digital tracking systems that allow students and administrators to keep track of locker usage and occupancy in real time. This makes it easier to manage locker allocation and avoid conflicts over locker space. This also allows students to use multiple lockers in a single day, storing their belongings wherever is most convenient at the time. No more running across the school and back between classes.
  3. Integration with School Software: Smart lockers can be integrated with school software to provide seamless management of locker allocation, usage, and maintenance. This reduces administrative workload and ensures that locker data is accurate and up-to-date. Knowing who is using a locker and when can improve security, efficiency, and scalability. Monitoring usage can allow for lockers to be moved into more prime areas, and removed if not being used enough. School materials, medicines, and other items can be left and unlocked for a recipient at a later time for secure pickup as well.
  4. Improved Hygiene: Smart lockers can be equipped with UV-C disinfection technology that kills bacteria and viruses, keeping lockers and their contents clean and hygienic. This is especially important in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Smart lockers are also more touch-free than traditional lockers, with the ability to pop open automatically, reducing the spread of germs on knobs and handles.

Traditional school lockers also come with many benefits. Sometimes a host of technological benefits isn’t quite necessary to accomplish the job.