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How Intelligent Locker Systems Can Transform Schools

Most colleges, high schools, and grade schools were designed decades ago – before the dawn of the Internet and the eCommerce era. Administrators could never have known what the future would bring, and now it’s time for most to play catch-up with the changing needs of teachers, students, and staff. 

The education sector has had to become a lot more resilient in recent years after the covid pandemic, technological changes, and shifting values across generations. School teachers and administrators need every advantage they can get, and smart lockers are a no-brainer for eliminating hassle and improving the experience of students and staff. Electronic school locker storage solutions are safe, simple, convenient, and can actually save space and operating costs – earning an A+ with students, carriers and school administrators.

Here are a few ways that smart locker systems can improve your campus experience.

1.They can be used for storage, delivery, or both:

Smart locker systems cover an array of different products. Some are geared toward parcel delivery, and some are more oriented toward short-term storage. A mixture of both can ease problems in the mailroom and in crowded hallways. With the amount of online ordering that both students and staff do, its a great idea to invest in parcel locker systems, placed in areas like the lobby and cafeteria. On the other hand, smart lockers systems work really well for short-term storage in gym settings or athletic areas, and electronic lockers can be placed strategically in order to alleviate congestion in hallways.

2.Smart lockers are safer:

Smart, contactless locker systems prevent theft and they can also help to detect contraband and other unwanted items in schools. With increasing numbers of students and staff carrying mobile phones, tablets, or even laptops, smart lockers in schools have become more important than ever before. By having a smart locker system, cases of theft and damage are significantly reduced. Some models of electronic lockers feature infrared detection and camera systems to ensure that all staff and students remain safe and secure.

3.Easier to manage:

Smart lockers are extremely user-friendly, easy to manage and offer high-tech features that can control individual lockers at various permission levels. How often does it happen that students forget their key card or pin code and can no longer access their locker? With the right level of access, a teacher or administrator can easily unlock a locker. No need for a costly lock-cutting device – all you need is the right level of access. 

4.Smart lockers power your school:

Schools run on smart technology these days. That means a variety of devices like phones and tablets need to stay powered during the day. Some smart locker systems have the capability to charge devices, ensuring your students can stay engaged. By placing a device in a locker between classes or during downtime, students and staff need not worry about low batteries!

5.Teachers and students benefit:

According to medical experts, children to teenagers should not be carrying more than 10 to 20% of their body weight. Additionally, according to a study of college students, 85% experienced discomfort and pain due to backpack use. When you place smart lockers efficiently, students can carry less and feel less stressed about getting from one place to another. Conversely, teachers don’t always instruct from the same room. Instead of lugging materials around campus, smart lockers enable teachers to have exactly what they need, right where and when they need it. 

6.Most efficient use of space:

It’s a common problem – schools built in the past are now bursting at the seams with students and staff. A school built for 1,000 students in 1990 likely now serves far more than that number, and crowded hallways and classrooms can cause chaos and issues with safety. Smart locker systems can help control the flow of traffic and DeBourgh can help customize your installation to make the most out of the space you already have available. Some smart locker systems can also be placed outside if you’re even tighter on space and budget.

Smart locker systems can improve your campus experience in so many different ways. If your mailroom is outdated, parcel lockers can transform delivery and pickup for your administrative staff. For students and teachers, smart lockers are safe, flexible, and intuitive for storing items used in the classroom or on the athletic field. The best thing about modern smart lockers is that they can be customized to fit your exact budget and your specific needs.

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