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How Can Smart Lockers Build a Hybrid Workplace?

smart lockers system

As the world continues to navigate a nagging pandemic, businesses have turned to a variety of hybrid work environments to keep employees happy and engaged. It's difficult to see most offices returning to the regular 9-to-5, five days per week

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Investment in College Parcel Delivery Lockers Pay Off

College students get a lot of packages, more than the average person. The U.S. Department of Commerce reports that college students are responsible for 30 percent of global e-commerce spending to the tune of $200 billion annually. That translates to

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Internet of Things and Secure Lockers

The Internet of Things, also referred to as IoT, is the conglomeration of devices that collect and share data via the internet. If something is connected to the internet, other than a PC or smartphone, it is likely included in

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101 on Asset Tracking Technology (or “Content Surveillance”)


This blog is delivered to you from efforts of our partners at Real Time Networks What is Content Surveillance? When should you use it, and when shouldn’t you use it? The real power of the business and physical security solutions that we

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Our Top 6 Creative Uses for Intelligent Lockers


This blog is delivered to you from efforts of our partners at Real Time Networks There’s a reason that we call our asset lockers ‘intelligent lockers’. When people think ‘asset locker’ they often just envision storage space. But they can

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Open Space Office? Why Personal Lockers are So Important


Co-working and open office space plans seem to be the new way to encourage creativity and collaboration. Proponents of the concept say it creates more transparency and relationship-building, while those who oppose it state it can be noisy, distracting, and

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Finally a Solution for Eliminating In-Class Cell Phone Use: Trackable Storage

A quick search of Pinterest shows some creative ways teachers have come up with for maintaining a cell phone-free classroom. Suggestions range from shoe-holders converted to cell phone storage, to a basket of phones, and even written policies/and contracts.  

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Using Asset Tracking Lockers to Combat In-Class Cell Phone Use

  Cell phone usage in the classroom can be a big-time distraction. Asset tracking lockers have been used in a variety of settings such as for high-value equipment in a warehouse, to evidence storage in a police station. Companies use

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3 Reasons Why Intelligent Lockers Are Here to Stay

Technology advancement is moving so fast these days with exciting new opportunities sprouting up everywhere. Some of this technology seems silly (do we really need photo filters with dog ears?), while others are truly innovative. Intelligent lockers are one of

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The Difference Between Smart Lockers and Traditional Ones and Why it Matters to Your Security

If you are still using manual keys, you may be losing thousands of dollars every year, and putting your company, clients, and employees at risk. Learn the difference between traditional versus intelligent locker management to help you understand how important

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