Open Space Office? Why Personal Lockers are So Important

Co-working and open office space plans seem to be the new way to encourage creativity and collaboration. Proponents of the concept say it creates more transparency and relationship-building, while those who oppose it state it can be noisy, distracting, and lack privacy and personal space.


If you are considering an open office or co-working space, we want to propose a way to make them better with personal lockers.


Our need for personal space comes down to protection, focus, and reducing stress. People need a place they can call home – a place that is safely theirs and theirs alone. Knowing they can trust certain items to be 100% safe is important for security, and will also help morale.


When management puts systems in place that allow employees to be secure, they are less stressed. You may also see greater productivity from your employees, especially if their smartphone is kept stored during work hours.



Lockers don’t need to be large or unattractive. The idea of lockers may have you thinking about metal high school lockers of decades past. Think instead of lockers of a variety of sizes for different needs with technological features including swipe cards, pin pads, or even biometric scanners.


Intelligent lockers can be small enough to hold a cellphone, keys, and wallet, or large enough to hold a guitar, pool stick, or other personal items an employee may bring to work and want to keep safe.


In a co-working space, under-the-desk personal lockers can easily be configured with unique pin codes to allow “hot desk” users to have additional security, while still offering the affordability of the space, retaining them as customers.


Intelligent lockers are easy to manage as well, making them a true asset. Create lockers for regular, assigned use, while others can be more public, used on a rotating basis, without the need for cutting off locks or a re-key. Real-time reports can be used to see who is accessing what and when for a true audit, and lockers can be set to be inaccessible during certain times for even more security.

While lockers can’t address the issue of noise in an open-concept office space, they can make them more comfortable by creating much-needed personal space and increased personal security, including the distraction of worrying about personal items being lost or stolen.

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