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Seven Reasons Why Intelligent Staff Lockers Improve Employee Productivity

As a business owner, investing in a smart office locker system may sound like heavy lifting, but beyond the benefits of security and storage, you may be surprised to hear that employee productivity typically increases too. This can be a priceless benefit for yourself and your bottom line.

Both traditional and smart office lockers bring numerous benefits to the employee experience. Both in office settings and in a warehouse or other factory-like settings, staff lockers can improve employee productivity by providing employees with a secure and private space to store their personal belongings, reduce distractions and increase focus, and create a more professional and organized office environment.

Listen below as we dive deeper into the ways that intelligent office lockers can be used to improve employee productivity.

  1.  Automated Inventory Management: Some intelligent locker systems include automated inventory management capabilities, which can help employees keep track of the materials they have stored in the lockers. This can help employees stay organized and reduce the need for them to manually keep track of inventory, while also reducing the loss of equipment and also saving time tracking down misplaced items. Instead of scouring the entire office to find a laptop, a system could notify an employee exactly where the equipment was left, and at what time it was deposited.
  2.  Mobile Access: Many intelligent lockers systems can be accessed via mobile devices, which allows employees to quickly and easily access their locker without needing to be physically present. This can save employees time and improve their productivity, especially in collaborative settings with hybrid or remote workforces. Plus, instead of providing employees with a badge, set of keys, or key FOB that could be misplaced, an app on a mobile phone is a great substitute. We don’t know about you, but employees almost always keep their phones at arm’s length and rarely misplace them. Most smartphones also have features to help track down their phone when lost, ensuring that ‘keys’ to smart office lockers are never misplaced.
  3.  Integration with Other Systems: Intelligent lockers can be integrated with other business systems, such as time and attendance systems, which can provide additional time-saving benefits. This allows employees to access their locker and clock in or out at the same time, streamlining the process and reducing the time it takes to complete tasks. Further integration could be used to allow employees access to Human Resources software, allowing them to request time off or gain access to important documents like W-2 forms – all from their lockers. Many intelligent office lockers come with the capability to connect with the Internet of Things, transforming the humble locker into an adaptable and useful tool in the modern office.
  4. Increased Security: Intelligent lockers provide a secure storage solution, which can help employees feel more confident in leaving their personal belongings in the locker. This can reduce distractions and increase focus, leading to an overall increase in productivity. Asset tracking lockers can also be used to track the flow of equipment or substances used. For example, healthcare lockers can be used to track and distribute the flow of controlled substances within a hospital or clinic, ensuring that only certain people can gain access to the goods stored inside. Expensive equipment, tools, and weapons can be tracked and accessed in much the same way, reducing the risk of theft or improper usage.
  5. Improved Data Tracking: Intelligent locker systems can track usage data, such as who accessed the locker and when, which can help businesses gain insights into how their resources are being used. This can inform decision-making, such as identifying areas for improvement and ultimately optimizing the usage of resources. For business owners with a keen eye on optimization, intelligent business lockers can reveal a lot about how employees are using assets. By knowing what is or is not in high demand, business owners could thin out costs while adding investments where needed – a win-win for your bottom line and the well-being of employees.
  6. Scalability: Intelligent lockers systems can be easily scaled to meet the changing needs of a business, which can help businesses adapt to changes in the number of employees or the number of resources they manage. With usage data gleaned from smart staff lockers, it can be an easy decision to add or remove units when needed, ensuring the right decision is made for your business. Growth can become easy when scalability becomes easier with more informed decision-making.

Smart office lockers present a perfect contactless storage solution for any kind of business. With an intelligent locker system, your employees will feel freer to move around, collaborate, and feel comfortable knowing that their valuables are secure. Your employees shouldn’t have to spend time worrying about their belongings while on the job, they should be focused on the task at hand.

DeBourgh’s smart office lockers come in a range of styles and designs, allowing businesses of all kinds to reap their benefits. We offer everything from fitness lockers to sophisticated equipment-tracking lockers. You can take the pain out of staff locker management by contacting our locker experts for all of your storage solution needs!