Smart Locker Solutions for Asset Security, Tracking, and Document Exchange

When a business has shared mobile equipment, assets, and documents, they can be lost, damaged, or mislaid. Identifying the last employee to use a specific document or device can be essential for tracking and reporting purposes. Intelligent or smart locker systems provide secure storage for laptops, tablets, phones, radios, weapons, medications, and other valuable items using integrated software to manage users and locks remotely. Updating your storage system saves labor and time with options like:

  • Contactless drop off and pick up
  • Expanded internal or external delivery service
  • Key tracking 
  • Smart cabinet locks
  • Increased security 
  • Monitoring and reporting software for compliance 

From basic storage options in employee break rooms to enterprise-level control of costly or sensitive devices, smart locker systems are customized to manage, track, and report the use of any vital asset with software added to existing HR databases or third-party security systems. 

How do you get started? 

We can help you select the right smart lockers to create efficient workspaces that help you collaborate quickly and exchange ideas securely. With high-density mobile storage, shelving, and asset management, you won’t struggle to locate time-sensitive documents or valuable company equipment.

Organize your workplace with lockers that come in various shapes, sizes, and modular components to meet all your requirements, including:

  • Tablet and laptop lockers – smaller compartments that include charging ports.
  • Modular lockers – flexible locker systems that fit any space by stacking, mounting to walls or adding castors for mobility.
  • Personnel lockers – employee storage to secure personal belongings, work gear, and uniforms. 
  • Large format lockers – custom sizes for bulkier items or substantial inventory in your facility.
  • Body camera and weapons lockers – compartments specially designed to secure body cameras and weapons for high-profile organizations, police departments, and security services. 
  • Medication distribution lockers – cabinets that control access of medications at hospitals and medical facilities in municipalities, community organizations, military bases, prisons, and more to avoid theft and misuse.

Accommodate everyone’s storage needs and control inventory at the same time.

What will it look like?

If you have flexible workspaces, smart storage caters to temporary staff, multiple employee shifts, or sales executives returning from business trips. You’ll increase accountability and reduce theft and loss with better asset security and tracking. Remotely assigned lockers and smart cabinet locks let you reset lost door codes, audit deliveries, and know how long or how often each item has been used. Controlled access increases accountability and reduces damage and loss to assets, which decreases overall operating costs. 

If you have a commercial building with staff or tenants that split time between work and home, smart lockers offer networked digital locks. You’ll prevent keys from getting lost or eliminate the need for keys with:

  • Radio Frequency ID (RFID)
  • Near-Field Communication (NFC) 
  • Digital touchpads
  • Barcode scanners 

Your business will incorporate lockers with durable powder-coated steel, high-pressure laminate, or a combination of materials and finishes. Customized company branding adds to the aesthetics. 

What information will you need to present to the board? 

Our team of storage experts works with you to create the best possible solutions, provide estimates, and timelines to make sure your project goes smoothly while remaining open. Ask about our Build ADVANCE Program to leverage lower off-season pricing regardless of the date of construction. 

Contact us for the latest in technology in asset security and tracking. DeBourgh provides Smart Secured systems for Intelligent Access Control, Asset Management, School Lockers, Parcel Delivery Lockers, Weapons Lockers, Military Lockers, Smart Cabinets, and Desks. Empower your storage today!