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Maximizing the Lifespan of Smart Lockers: Maintenance Guide

Just like any other asset, smart lockers and other electronic parcel locker systems must be maintained in order to offer the best performance. Electronic lockers are far more complex than a sturdy hallway locker or athletic locker. More than just aluminum and a locking device, parcel locker systems now feature sophisticated technology that requires more than WD-40 and fresh paint every few years.

Maintaining your parcel locker system is a way of protecting your investment and ensuring the continued success of your business. The complex nature of electronic lockers means that if something goes awry, you will likely not be able to fix the problem yourself. To ensure continued success and a smoother operation, it’s important to form a maintenance plan – just like you would with your car or any other business asset.

While each business will need its own unique maintenance plan, below are eight tips that will lead you in the right direction when it comes to keeping your smart lockers in tip-top condition.

  1. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the locker units to ensure smooth operation and prevent breakdowns. This may sound simple, but parcel lockers come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. A gentle cleaning for wood modules will differ from that of metal or plastic configurations, and the cleaning solutions used must not damage any sensitive parts of the unit. Your employees must take care when doing even general cleaning, as parcel lockers have the potential to be damaged even with brisk wipe-downs. Ensure that no sensitive equipment will be harmed before doing basic maintenance.
  2. Regular inspection of the locking mechanisms to ensure they are functioning properly and securely. Over time, the locks and mechanisms in your unit may wear down and need tightening, lubricating, or replacing. This is likely not something that you would want to do by yourself, as the complex nature of modules likely requires a more deep understanding of how the locking mechanisms work. However, keeping the integrity of the locks is vitally important to the performance of your locker system. Contact the manufacturer or seller to arrange maintenance on the locks or consult an expert for advice on how to maintain the locking mechanisms.
  3. Regular software updates and maintenance of the locker management system to ensure accurate tracking and reporting of parcel deliveries. The software behind your smart locker system is nearly as important, if not more important, than the physical integrity of the locker. The ability track your assets and equipment, take a log of users with access, when items were delivered or dropped off, and knowing your inventory in real-time is priceless. Smart locker asset tracking software is becoming more and more sophisticated and allowing greater insight for businesses to make better decisions that improve revenue. Make sure your seller or manufacturer has explained how to regularly update your software.
  4. Implementing security measures such as CCTV cameras and access controls to prevent theft and unauthorized access. This is important in more public settings such as large multi-family dwellings, airports, schools, train stations, retail locations and more. Many smart lockers come with built-in security systems to prevent theft and potential break-ins that can cause damage to the unit as a whole. Placing your smart locker unit inside of a controlled access area, such as a business lobby or inside your facility is another level of protection. There are many ways to boost the security of your assets with a parcel locker system.
  5. Regularly monitoring the usage of the lockers and adjusting the number of units or their location as needed to optimize usage and convenience. Your locker system can be customized to grow alongside your business. As you move more product, gain more employees or sell more goods, you’ll want to add locker systems instead of push a current unit to the brink. Wear and tear can happen to your smart lockers, too, so its important to know when you’ll need to install more units in order to extend the longevity of one you already have.
  6. Providing clear instructions and guidelines for users on how to use the locker system and what to do in case of any issues or problems. Most locker systems come with clear instructions, either in writing on the surface of the unit or within the interface used to retrieve items. However, you may need to go one step further and train your employees or customers on how to use the system. This could be in the form of a newsletter, an email, a printed guide, or placing a number to call if someone encounters problems when trying to deposit or retrieve goods.
  7. Regularly monitoring the parcel delivery and collection process to ensure that it is running smoothly and efficiently. Keeping a record of all parcel deliveries and collections and ensuring that they are properly tracked and reported can be part of a preventative maintenance plan. If something goes wrong in the delivery or pickup of a package, look into what went wrong and why. Finding the root cause of service interruptions can lead to
  8. Prepare for locker downtime. One problem facing the parcel locker industry is the lack of spare parts and components needed to fix units. This is partially the result of global economic and supply chain problems, but this can also be avoided by choosing to work with a good service level provider instead of opting for the lowest price. Make sure that the locker partner you choose can communicate well and is willing to help you succeed in the long run. Skimping on service can be costly to your business.

As more and more parcel lockers and smart locker systems are adopted, the greater the need for quality maintenance will grow. Putting a maintenance plan in place now will save you headaches in the future when other organizations locker systems will be breaking down and in need of service. The extra effort you put in today can ensure your continued success tomorrow, even perhaps the ability to capitalize on competitors.

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