Parcel Locker Systems

Five Ways that Parcel Locker Systems Boost Security

The world of parcel management is filled with a range of issues from resourcing to inefficiencies to traceability. Parcel locker systems can resolve a number of issues, but these electronic locker systems do offer much better security than one would find in a traditional mail room. Due to technological advances, parcel locker systems now feature a bevy of ways to make sure that a package finds its way to the correct recipient at the right time, in the right place. Due to added security and surveillance features, using a parcel locker system is usually an easy and stress-free experience. 

Parcel locker systems work well for a range of businesses and industries, and with their many security features, even the most sensitive types of materials can be securely delivered and stored within a locker system. Lockers not only protect from the elements, but they also ensure that your goods reach the intended recipient and stay protected throughout the delivery process. 

Let us break down the range of security features parcel locker systems offer. The best thing about working with DeBourgh is that we can easily customize the features and benefits of your locker to what most closely matches the needs of your business.

1.Well-built with strong materials

Most parcel lockers feature steel construction or perhaps even wood. At the most basic level, this is solid protection from a brute-force attack. Also, most parcel locker systems are anchored into the ground or wall of a structure, so a potential thief cannot simply walk away with the locker – it would take a heavy-duty machine to physically remove the locker system. Going even further, most parcel locker systems are placed inside buildings, which is just another barrier to deter any nefarious activity. The amount of force required to break into a steel locker would likely also damage the goods inside, so in that case, the attempt would be moot.

2.Secure entry

To access a parcel locker, a user usually needs a pin code, fingerprint, or another form of verification that’s nearly impossible to replicate. While some parcel lockers still use keys, the key can only be accessed in addition to a passcode. Most codes are sent via email or text message, so only the recipient can access the locker. While email hacking is possible, it’s unlikely that a cybercriminal would go so far as to intercept a package within a parcel locker.

3.Surveillance and deterrence

Certain parcel locker systems, especially those located outside or perhaps in remote areas, sometimes feature cameras or even alarms to deter potential thieves. While a camera cannot stop a thief in the act, it can deter future attempts of package theft and can help in the recovery process if a package is stolen or misplaced. Some lockers even feature infrared cameras, or cloud-based camera feeds.

4.An electronic log of deliveries

This is a feature that nearly all parcel lockers have. This can be useful to trace who accessed a terminal and at what time, and what was accessed within the locker. A log of what’s happening at all times can help to find lost packages and to ensure that the proper recipients have gotten their packages.

5.Climate control

While perhaps not a security feature, climate-controlled parcel lockers protect goods while in transit. Especially useful for food products and medicine, this is a major benefit for ensuring that all deliveries arrive fresh. Rather than packaging something with dry ice, a climate-controlled locker ensure that no matter how long something is inside a locker, it will maintain its freshness.

Parcel locker systems offer superior security and convenience, and can also be customized for your exact needs. Not everyone will need infrared cameras, but you may need a mix of other features to ensure the safety and security of your parcels. DeBourgh offers everything from smart locker systems to ruggedly-design military lockers

Whether you need a smart locker system or long-lasting, steel-constructed hallway lockers, DeBourgh has a range of products to meet the needs of your business. Contact us today to discuss your custom locker build!