Asset Tracking Lockers

How Can Asset Tracking Lockers Help Your Business?

As smart locker technology continues to evolve, one of the newer and more exciting developments has been the evolution of the asset-tracking locker. Asset tracking lockers provide modular storage but allow advanced accessing capabilities, allowing total control over where your assets are placed and who has access to them. With complete visibility into the real-time whereabouts of assets, organizations of all kinds will be able to increase efficiency and make sure employees have the tools they need, where and when they need them.

In the past, valuable assets were typically all stored in one secure place. Putting all your eggs in one basket can be a risk, and with an asset tracking locker system, you can place your valuable assets in many different places with controlled access that allows only the right personnel access to valuables. The ability to reduce loss and mismanagement with asset tracking lockers comes as a no-brainer.

Asset tracking lockers can be applied in a range of settings and used to store different assets. Healthcare lockers found in hospitals or clinics can be used to store controlled substances, ensuring that only the right people can gain access. The same could be said for school settings where student medications must be kept safe and in the right hands. Many smart locker systems also have climate control capabilities, allowing longer storage for unique medications. The power to store and track life-saving medicines is priceless.

If your business manages special equipment or substances whose usage must be regulated for compliance with prescribed laws, smart lockers can be an easy, automated way to remain compliant. Because movement can be tracked and only certain individuals can gain access by use of FOBs or biometrics, the issuance of such sensitive items can be easily monitored from afar with the help of an accurate digital log.

School lockers enhanced with asset tracking technology can be used in the classroom or the nurse’s station and can be organized to hold anything from cell phones to controlled substances, and some systems can even detect contraband that alerts an administrator. Student resource officers, now common in schools, can now safely store crowd control assets or even weapons in case of an emergency. Vice versa, if a weapon is detected in a modular unit, it can be locked down with access only to administrators. On the brighter side – many smart lockers designed to detect mobile phones and laptops can also charge them while they’re being stored inside.

Loss prevention is another major benefit of asset tracking lockers. With a smart asset tracking locker, no human inventory manager can forget to record a transaction. If someone does forget to return the asset, the smart locker can send an instant email or text alert to a supervisor. Even when an item might be misplaced outside of a module, knowing that it’s missing and searching for it quickly will increase the chances that the item is found. Asset tracking lockers can also provide a better understanding of organizational needs such as when and where items are being used, which can be analyzed for improved operational efficiency. For example, is one device reported to have the same software issue in the entire lot you purchased? Is one individual responsible for 80 percent of all tool losses in a particular shift?

Unsurprisingly, the ‘asset tracking’ component of asset lockers is truly what sets them apart. The move from a handwritten log to an instantaneously-tracked digital record allows you to track in real-time where your assets are and how they’re being used. Not only does this allow greater security, but this data can be used to better manage your inventory and ordering, and at the same time, improve the operational capacity of your business. Because much of the tracking is done automatically, your time will be freed up for more valuable business usage. The ease and accuracy of tracking assets can improve many facets of your business, including reduced labor costs, reduced losses, and improved efficiency.

Last but not least, all of the combined advantages gained from an automated asset-tracking locker system can quickly snowball into growth and result in visible competitive advantages for your organization. When you can save workers from doing tedious administrative tasks it means they can focus on strategic efforts. New insights not previously available can also lead to new and better workflows to push your business further ahead.

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