Custom Locker Systems

Why Invest in Custom Locker Systems? Here are 5 Reasons Why

For more than a century, DeBourgh has been providing custom solutions to customers with very specific needs. While we sell a range of products, we’re proud to offer purpose-built locker systems that meet your exact needs.

While most locker systems come in standard sizes that will fit a given space and meet the needs of a client, we like to go the extra step and make sure that the product we’re selling is a perfect fit. Purchasing a locker of any type is an investment, and that investment should closely match what you need. You shouldn’t be forced into buying more or less than what you need. At DeBourgh we have master craftsmen with the capability to produce exactly what you need. Whether that might be luxurious wood parcel lockers, or rugged gear lockers to last a lifetime.

Businesses of all kinds have been seeing the necessity of lockers, especially with the rise of hybrid work environments. The new wave of business clients also needs something more unique – perhaps that’s branding on the lockers or unique security capabilities. DeBourgh knows the value that lockers can provide, especially when built specifically for your business.

Take a moment to consider what custom lockers can do for your business – no matter what industry you may work in.


1.You pick your materials:

The steel-constructed locker gets a lot of attention, but wood and laminate have many upsides as well. While steel lockers are strong, durable, and easily customizable, they can be a significant investment to purchase. Laminate lockers are easy to maintain, affordable, durable, eco-friendly, and also easy to customize. Wood is another good option. It’s elegant, strong, and also able to be customized. However, each of these materials has drawbacks, and won’t be appropriate for every single setting. For example, wood lockers might fit well in an executive suite or a clubhouse, but you wouldn’t want them in a gym or school setting. Our sales advisors at DeBourgh will work with you to find the best material for your needs and your budget. 

2.The very best ventilation:

While not the most exciting option, ventilation is very important for the performance of your locker and for maintaining the quality and security of goods inside. Whether you need diamond perforations for areas like gyms or locker rooms, or zero ventilation, DeBourgh offers many types of door ventilation, as well as multiple options for latching, hinges, and finishes.

3.You choose the color:

Think back to your days in college or high school. What color were the lockers? What impression did that leave on you? Hallway lockers and gym lockers don’t need to look so drab. Adding color to lockers can have a major impact on the look and feel of a building – especially in places like schools where lockers can make up most of your sight line. Instead of grey or beige, imagine a hallway filled with school colors, or white hallway lockers that brighten and open up a space. Lockers of all types normally occupy a decent chunk of space, so adding in a dash of color can really transform the look and feel of your office, warehouse, school, hospital, or whatever facility you’re operating out of. 

4.Built to fit your space:

As we said before, lockers come in standard sizes, but every building is unique, as well as the needs of our clients. Sometimes standard sizes will cause you to spend too much or leave money on the table. You may be left with a locker that is too large or too small, which would be a poor use of resources. Why not get exactly what you need? DeBourgh can also retrofit old lockers to transform them into smart lockers or install them so that if you eventually need more lockers, they can be added or removed easily. 

5.The features you need:

Lockers now come with every bell and whistle imaginable. From infrared camera surveillance to climate-controlled parcels, to lockers built specifically for cell phones with the capability to charge electronic devices. There are also keyless entry options such as fingerprint scanners, FOB keys, and software that can control entire locker systems. If you need to track what’s coming and going from your parcel locker system, that’s widely available, making inventory a breeze and lowering anxiety in mail rooms across the country. 

When considering an investment into a locker system of any kind, we here at DeBourgh like to make sure that our customers are getting exactly what they want. We will work closely with you to ensure that your needs are met and that your lockers – no matter the type – have all the features and options necessary to make your investment well worth the price.

Please contact us today to learn more about our custom locker solutions!