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DeBourgh has been your partner for Education Space Lockers for a long time. We plan to continue that partnership by innovating and adding options for the modern era. Learning in education spaces is a priority for us like it is for you. With a worry-free and distraction-free learning environment, learners can get to learning. Check out the education lockers we offer in this space below, or contact us now to start collaborating with us on a more secure and more flexible learning environment.

Education Space


Education space has a variety of needs for their lockers, which is why DeBourgh proudly offers options for:

•  Athletic Lockers
•  Hallway Lockers
•  Intelligent Lockers
•  Benches & Pedestals

Educational Space Lockers
Whether corridor lockers, athletic lockers, testing room lockers, or other, DeBourgh is your source for lockers within your educational space.

Athletic Lockers

Athletic Team Lockers
In the locker room, needs are different than in the corridor. Venting and space configurations must meet the demands of the space and requirements of the team. Benches and pedestals are also available to complete the space.

Physical Education Lockers
PE lockers allow students to safely store their gym clothes and personal items on a temporary basis and need to offer variety in size and shape and be of high-durability. Custom configurations help to maximize space and save money. Benches and pedestals are also available.

Hallway Lockers

Student Lockers
Securing personal items, as well as school supplies is an important aspect of any educational experience. A variety of sizes and configurations meet the needs of all institutions and spaces.

Staff Lockers
Students are not the only people who are looking to secure their personal effects. Staff may also want to have increased security for their private belongings, and/or valuable classroom-related items such as electronics or supplies. Consider the value of lockers that can be accessed by only the right people at the right time.

Intelligent Lockers

Testing Center Lockers
Students who aren’t allowed to bring supplies into a testing center need access to secure, short-term lockers. DeBourgh offers a variety of solutions to meet this need and keep your testing center secure and compliant.

High-Value Security Lockers
Band equipment, art supplies, and electronics are high-value items that need to be safely stored. While corridor lockers are a good fit for most educational areas, there may be an additional benefit to special lockers with enhanced security for high-value items.

All our Education Lockers are made to the highest quality and feature:

Lifetime Guarantee. Choose strong but economical lockers with a lifetime guarantee to replace existing lockers, or to start fresh in a new space. Offered in all-steel, choose from a variety of colors, venting, styles, and sizes.

Custom lockers for unique space. Choose lockers that are custom made for the unique space you have. Compare pricing to fit your space rather than remodeling – we have both options (prefabricated or custom) available to create the exact solution you need.

Secure lockers for high-value equipment security. With several options for security including designs for bring-your-own-padlock, pin-code, keycard, and even biometrics - our versatility is sure to meet your needs.

High-Quality. American-made, our all-steel corridor lockers are environmentally-friendly, easy to maintain, and offer the features you require for aesthetics, durability, security, and ease of use.

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