Smart Military Locker and Storage Solutions

As a military officer or NCO in charge of armory or equipment, you have many sensitive, high-value items and documents that must be maintained, tracked, and protected at all times. Military facilities and personnel are in constant transition as gear and equipment are assigned and moved at a moment’s notice. There are constant reevaluations and reconfigurations of space. Not to mention, the storage and locker environments on each military base support a small city’s organizational needs. It takes a unique approach to create functional and secure solutions.

How do you get started? 

Your facility should have military locker and storage designs that integrate modern technology. Benefit from smoother operations with a higher level of security that offers: 

  • Extended life of weapons, gear, and tools
  • Quick access to secure supplies and documents
  • Privacy for personal items in living quarters
  • Modular and mobile components to save space 
  • Access-controlled locks that reduce lost or stolen items

We walk you through a process to determine the number of units needed and various dimensions for each use. Military locker and cabinets come with choices for appropriate lock types, shelving, and electrical outlets necessary for the space. Better organization frees up valuable room, and different colors and finishes offer a more attractive environment. The right storage and lockers provide flexibility and simpler security processes to reduce everyone’s daily stress. 

What will it look like?

Customized military solutions are created for each base and facility. Between mobile, wall-mounted, or stackable storage components, a maximized layout considers all personnel needs, including:

  • Aircrew flight storage for crew and passenger equipment and supplies
  • Secure armories
  • Command and headquarters flexible storage modules to transform bases quickly 
  • Civil engineers and public works officials storing equipment and supplies on the base
  • First Responder PPE, gear, and tools
  • JAGs Corps material and tightly-secured files 
  • Maintenance departments parts, supplies, and tools for vehicles and aircraft, manuals, and service bulletins 
  • Medical facilities for military personnel and VA hospitals needing secure medical records and more efficient medical services 
  • Military police evidence management and immediate access to weapons and gear
  • Mobility and logistics storage versatility, including portable units for deployment, training weapons, and equipment
  • Military Museum storage

In addition to quick and easy access when you need it, Smart Military Storage reduces costly administrative and maintenance processes. Each locker is designed with automation and process control features for tracking and reporting valuable items and important documents for:

  • Controlling assets in your facility
  • Automatically logging transactions for compliance
  • Locating electronic devices 
  • Integrating secure storage with existing security systems
  • Real-time reporting for verification of activity

We combine custom-built stackable locker modules with the Internet of Things (IoT) to provide Modular Smart Spaces. Smart military storage lets you choose between various lock types and configure them more economically for:

  • Benches with space for books and manuals
  • Durable wall mount, free-standing, or mobile cabinets and lockers for gear, weapons, equipment, and documents
  • Mobile workstations and storage for training, maintenance, and repairs
  • Lockable storage for electronic devices, paperwork, and medical supplies
  • Secure personal storage for officers and staff

What information will you need to present to higher officials? 

We work with you to design the solutions, provide estimates, and timelines in detailed proposals. Our goal is to make sure your project goes smoothly and avoid delays and interruptions. We support every phase, including:

  • Site surveys
  • Scheduling 
  • Budgeting
  • Design and review
  • Final drawings and specifications
  • Full-service installation and project management
  • Post project evaluation

With strong expertise on government contracting, we offer confidence in the planning and design of your critical storage facilities. DeBourgh’s BuildADVANCE Program can even leverage lower off-season pricing regardless of your construction date. We find better ways to fit the budget while still offering the highest standards for quality and performance. 

To learn more about making your military facility, department, or base more efficient and secure, contact us with any questions or for more information.