What Do Our Core Values Mean for Our Customers?

Since 1909, DeBourgh has been a small, family-owned business. Over generations, the company has produced different products, but we have always taken a customer-first approach, led by our core values. Not only do we make the finest products for our customers, we treat our employees like family. 

DeBourgh has been around for more than 100 years, leaving a multi-generational family legacy for those who have run the company, worked for the company and purchased our products.

For example, our lockers – originally produced and sold to the University of Minnesota Hockey team in 1931, can still be found in perfect working order at a local YMCA. While they were repainted a few times, no parts have been replaced for more than 85 years. We know quality products; it takes quality people to produce and sell them.

The secret to our longstanding success comes not only from durable products, it comes from our most important asset: our people and the values that lead them daily. We at DeBourgh do not rush into business with people without making sure we share the same values. These values include trust, integrity, and honesty. 

Rob Berg, a third-generation DeBourgh family member, says, “We’re huggers. We don’t do business with people that we would not hug at the end of the day.”

While we may not actually hug our clients, we know that the type of business we do depends on strong trust, integrity, and honesty. This has been passed down through three generations of family, and now two generations work side by side to keep our values and standards at the forefront of our mission to provide quality lockers. 

We stand today on the will of the family that started this company, and the wish to keep that alive, not just for the ability to be a part of their legacy, but also for the people who work for our company. This is why we throw monthly company lunches, where we provide a comfortable space for all of our employees to provide feedback, ask questions, and enjoy the camaraderie that has made this company last for more than 100 years. 

Not only do we treat our employees like family, but our representatives across the country are also held to the same high standards, always operating with our core values in mind. These are ingrained in our entire team, and this extends to our dealers. We realize that our values are not for everyone, but this is how we have chosen to operate for more than a century and it has worked well for us, our employees, and our partners. 

Our representatives and dealers across the country know that they aren’t just selling high-quality lockers, they’re selling the DeBourgh experience. We know our costs can be high, but the quality and the experience we provide justify that. Our dealers will always take that extra call, travel for that extra meeting, and spend those extra hours with our potential customers. Through our emphasis on customer service and consultative selling, we can deliver high-quality products to our well-respected customers. 

By taking extra time and care with those who we might enter business with, we ensure that both sides will benefit. Instead of selling to anyone willing to buy, we prefer to create lasting relationships with our customers, resulting in a long and happy partnership. This is the model that our founders used, and it is with great pride that we follow in their footsteps.

When you’re making a large purchase for an expensive product intended to last a long time, you need to be able to trust who you’re working with. At DeBourgh, we operate with integrity and transparency. If our products don’t fit your needs, we’re happy to find others that do. If we can help you improve your business and make your customers happier, we will gladly provide you with the products you need.

Please contact us and begin a conversation today! From parcel locker systems to athletic lockers to custom builds – we have a variety of products to fill your needs.