Storage Needs Met in Durango for Those Facing Homelessness

Image via the Durango Herald

Durango, Colorado – Neighbors in Need Alliance (NINA) asked what the greatest needs of the homeless community were and the top two surprised them – transportation and storage. In an effort to meet those needs, DeBourgh All-American Lockers was hired to build and install six lockers at the Durango Transit Center. The space and nearly half the cost of the project were donated by the City of Durango.

DeBourgh, a La Junta, Colorado-based manufacturing company has been building lockers in the area for over thirty years. Their Southern Colorado connection and durable, made in America, all-steel lockers made them the perfect choice.

Each locker is 24 inches wide, 24 inches deep, and 72 inches tall.  Combinations are set by the user, providing a secure space for their belongings in a galvanized steel construction with venting, sloped roof, and dark green paint to match the surrounding aesthetic. They require no electricity and minimal upkeep.

The lockers were assigned based on a lottery and are good for three months of use. No rekeying is required as the new occupant will simply change the combination. The industrial strength lockers have industry-leading all-welded latches and secure locking mechanisms to prevent tampering and are fireproof.

Now at least a portion of people facing homelessness in Durango doesn’t have to worry about carrying their belongings with them to work or to run errands. The community sees this initiative as a start, listening to the true needs of others and understanding we are all human beings in this together.

DeBourgh All-American Lockers prides themselves on their all-steel, US-made lockers, known for long-lasting strength and aesthetic congruency. One of our best selling products, intelligent lockers, bring technology and convenience together for safe and smart locker accessibility.  Founded in the Minneapolis, MN area in 1909, it is owned by the same Berg family, now in their fourth generation. Military, first responders, schools, fitness centers, and commercial properties rely on DeBourgh’s secure, innovative, and intelligent access locker systems for a variety of needs.

To learn more about DeBourgh All-American Lockers, contact:

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