Why Made in America Matters

At DeBourgh Manufacturing, we are proud to say, “Made in the USA”. As a fourth-generation family business, we understand what it means to be American and realized the dream of enterprise in 1909. But, why is it important for us to have the label of “Made in the USA”?

Our employees matter. America has regulated wages and safety standards for workers. Being a family-owned and operated business means we care about employees because many are family, or we consider them family, having worked for us for decades. Our worker’s families depend on their loved ones coming home safely every day and earning a fair wage.

The US economy matters. When American-made products are purchased, the US economy is stimulated. This creates a positive circle of money into the economy, more jobs created, and more money back into the economy. Products made in the USA support America and its workers. Buying domestic allows jobs to stay in America.

In fact, according to the Alliance for American Manufacturing, for every dollar invested in American manufacturing, $1.81 in economic activity is generated. (Source: https://youtu.be/KxyznNitf-8)

Standards. The United States maintains standards not just for employee safety, but also product safety. These same standards don’t apply for products outside the US. When products are purchased here, you support these efforts, rather than companies who don’t adhere to such laws, such as sweat-shops.

A huge point of pride for us is the way we do business and that we have always built and always will build a product that we expect to last, no matter what the economy is doing. We keep the customers in mind and what they need.” – Patrick Berg (Co-owner of DeBourgh Manufacturing)

Environment. The less transportation needed for materials, the better it is for the environment. Locally sourced supplies also contribute positively to the economy. This also limits reliance on foreign suppliers, which could end for a variety of reasons.

Products.  No matter what kind of locker you’re looking for, DeBourgh offers top-of-the-line, US-made products that stand the test of time.  Our intelligent lockers are one of our best sellers, providing convenience, smart technology, and aesthetic appeal. 

High-quality, safe and fair working conditions, less environmental impact, and continuously building a strong American economy is why being “Made in the USA” is so important to us here at DeBourgh. Contact us to learn more about our all-steel, American-made lockers today.