Clean and Lean Storage Solutions for Hotels and Hospitality

Hotel Managers and Owners are looking for ways to encourage safe travel, local work events, and short or extended hotel stays in a safe and clean environment. It is a challenge to follow the necessary guidelines to ensure the health of staff and guests. Evaluating storage and locker areas is a great place to start.

Whether you are organizing guest room supplies, package deliveries, food storage, or office equipment and digital devices, each item needs to be tracked, stocked, cleaned, and replaced with efficiency. 

DeBourgh’s new Modular Smart Spaces storage cabinets provide more storage, security, and flexibility to any supply room, storage area, touchless delivery space, lobby, spa, or guestroom. Use interlocking components as a base for desks, benches, and counters. Add intelligent locker systems in supply and delivery areas to track valuable items or ensure health and safety processes have been maintained.  

Hotel and hospitality managers and owners don’t need to sacrifice aesthetically pleasing spaces to offer clean and lean environments either. Storage and lockers are offered in many colors and sizes to transform any space into a safer environment.

How do you get started? 

DeBourgh can design or redesign storage space in hotel lobbies, event spaces, and guest rooms. Standard electrical and USB outlets are added as needed. Creative solutions such as laundry and dry cleaning lockers can reduce contact between staff and guests when offering these amenities. When staff needs access to digital devices and shared supplies, users can be assigned and tracked, items sanitized, and returned. The locations of each item can be monitored and reported in real-time for health and security. Benefits include:

  • Organization of guest room supplies for excellent customer service.
  • Tracking for safe and healthy procedures for any shared spaces or amenities.
  • Intelligent storage systems with modular components to help save on space, reduce theft, and lower storage costs.

The proper hospitality storage offers a comfortable workspace to improve staff operations. Get the additional storage space you need to keep up with technology and greater efficiency, so staff can devote more time to guests. Staff and guests have peace-of-mind with touchless lockers and contactless exchanges.

What will it look like?

Stackable locker modules are custom-built to specific dimensions and functions with automation and process control features. Today’s hotels and hospitality facilities use the Internet of Things (IoT) to continue to offer unique activities and personalized services. 

DeBourgh’s Modular Smart Spaces have optional features like different finishes or castors for mobile systems. Configure them for dual uses in the form of:

  • Bench seats
  • Sitting and Standing Desks
  • Cabinets and Lockers
  • Workstations
  • Cell Phone and Laptop Storage

We design hospitality solutions to meet modern-day challenges. Access Control Lockers are operated at the touch of a button and reduce costly administrative and maintenance processes. Each locker automatically tracks who was last to use a specific item to quickly assess equipment, supplies, compliance, and security processes.

What information will you need to present to owners or boards? 

Renovating or adding new storage facilities requires a few details. We work with you to design the solutions, provide estimates, and timelines. We want your project to go smoothly to avoid delays and interruption during hotel operations. We go over ADA requirements, verify dimensions, number sequences and locks, colors, and payment schedules.

Ask about DeBourgh’s BuildADVANCE Program to leverage lower off-season pricing with a flexible schedule that saves you money. A lifetime limited guarantee also backs DeBourgh’s high standards for quality and performance. Contact us for cleaner and leaner storage and locker areas with the latest technology for your hotel and hospitality space, or send us a message at with questions on how our products can improve staff and guest experiences.