Smart Locker Storage Solutions for Efficient Fire Stations

DeBourgh Manufacturing

Fire Station Managers have many tasks, including ensuring the comfort and safety of staff spending their days and nights on call. Personal effects are exchanged for gear and equipment at a moment’s notice, and everything must be kept secure when not in use. You may have recently evaluated your storage and locker environment and realized that additional PPE and COVID compliance processes have increased the need for updates or renovation. 

How do you get started? 

A fire station environment can be pretty chaotic, and the right storage solutions make a big difference in personnel safety and protection of equipment and tools. A uniquely designed storage area can offer:

  • Compliance for proper storage of PPE items that increase safety and prolong the life of gear and tools
  • Fast, efficient access to secure and contamination-free turnout gear when every second counts
  • Privacy for clothing and personal items in living quarters
  • Modular smart locker components to add comfort, save space, and reduce misplaced or stolen items

Once the size and number of units needed are identified, you’ll have a choice of finishes and colors with various lock types and electrical outlets. An organized and pleasant environment will help firefighters and first responders to destress. The pandemic has made their jobs harder and riskier than ever before. Contactless storage locker features give them peace of mind.

What will it look like?

We design fire station solutions that are secure and durable. Each fire station has a different footprint and floor space for lockers. You can combine mobile, wall-mounted, or freestanding storage components to suit your layout and personnel needs. We create a custom-built storage system for:

  • Contactless storage lockers for clean and well-ventilated turn out gear
  • Mobile cart storage for fire hose and quick and easy compressed SCBA and medical gas cylinder use, replacement, and refill
  • Mobile work stations for emergency response training equipment or maintenance and repair tools that are strong, accessible, and lockable 
  • Apparatus compartment storage for well-organized tools in tight spaces
  • Components with features like lights, rugged steel racks, and electric and USB outlets 
  • General storage for cleaning and maintenance of vehicles and buildings

After designing or renovating storage spaces, the next step is adding access control systems to let personnel grab things quickly from a secure system that tracks items and verifies users. A Smart Locker can integrate with your station security. Everyone can react faster while reducing costly administrative and maintenance processes. Each locker automatically tracks who was last to use a specific item and whether it has been returned ready for use again.

  • Controlling assets in your facility
  • Automatically logging transactions for compliance
  • Tracking electronic devices 
  • Integrating storage with security
  • Real-time reporting

We combine stackable locker modules custom-built to your exact needs for a more secure and flexible fire station. Modular Smart Spaces let you choose between various lock types and configure them for dual uses in the form of:

  • Benches incorporating space for books and training manuals
  • Cabinets and lockers for protective equipment
  • Workstations for maintenance and repairs
  • Lockable storage for cell phones, laptops, or controlled substances
  • Secure personal storage while on duty 

What information will you need to present to higher officials? 

Detailed proposals are needed for renovating or adding new storage facilities. We work with you to design the solutions, provide estimates, and timelines to make sure your project goes smoothly. Avoid delays and interruption of station operations. 

With DeBourgh’s BuildADVANCE Program, you can even leverage lower off-season pricing regardless of construction date. We find better ways to fit the budget while still offering the highest standards for quality and performance. Discover advanced functional storage and locker areas that help organize the station and improve accessibility

To learn more about making your fire station more efficient through storage, contact us with any questions or for more information.