Durable and Flexible Storage Solutions for K-12 Schools

DeBourgh Manufacturing

School Principals and Athletic Directors have a lot on their plate with the switch to remote learning environments. While you still need to make sure students and staff have a safe place to store belongings, supplies, and equipment safely and securely at school, you now have the added worry about items on loan to students and faculty offsite. 

Is your current storage and locker system able to accommodate the current situation? You may need to update technology for administrators to secure everything from: 

  • digital devices onsite and on loan 
  • tracking and cleaning athletic gear 
  • contactless package deliveries 
  • added security integration for monitoring and reporting the location of school items in real-time

Today’s lockers integrate technology and space-saving features to make any campus operate smoothly onsite or online, across departments.

How do you get started? 

The current health crisis has created a scramble to adapt education models to support remote, online learning, and altered schedules and classrooms. Teachers are using technology tools to modify their lessons to continue classes and homework assignments. How lockers are being used is rapidly evolving, and it is a great time to evaluate your needs.

Contact DeBourgh for help with design plans for storage and lockers that can be repurposed, modified, or moved throughout school buildings once in-person classes resume. They can be reconfigured for individual office spaces, classrooms, and libraries, as needs change. Start with the basics:

  • Durable lockers that take heavy abuse in hallways.
  • Physical Education lockers with mixed tier combinations for uniforms, gear, and personal items.
  • AssetTracer storage and locker spaces for pick-up and delivery of remote learning devices, mail, and cafeteria supplies.

Device management is needed for laptops and tablets being safely assigned, serviced, dropped off, and picked up. DeBourgh Intelligent Lockers track every device and use flexible modular components installed inside or outside the building for access by students and staff on the go.

What will it look like?

We design education storage solutions for new concerns regarding the health, convenience, and security of teachers and students. Installing Intelligent Lockers will let you easily change multi-user locks, offering and opening them without adding to administrative and maintenance processes. Each locker automatically tracks who was last to check a specific item in or out for:

  • Locating electronic devices or athletic equipment used remotely
  • Integrating, accessing, and reporting asset management with school security systems

We custom build and combine stackable locker modules. DeBourgh’s Modular Smart Spaces interlock and will easily work themselves into any space indoors or out. Choose between various lock types and connect to Access Control Software. Add optional features like different finishes, colors, or castors for mobile systems. Configure them for dual uses in the form of:

  • Benches
  • Cabinets and Lockers
  • Cell Phone and Laptop Storage
  • Desks

What information will you need to present to the board? 

Renovating or adding new storage facilities in your schools is a necessary task. We work with you to design the solutions, provide estimates, and timelines to make sure your project goes smoothly, and avoid when school is in session. 

Ask about DeBourgh’s BuildADVANCE Program to leverage lower off-season pricing regardless of the date of construction. Reserve your spot early using a flexible schedule that saves you money. DeBourgh will create and install high-quality lockers that meet your specifications with a lifetime limited guarantee. Contact us now to start collaborating on more innovative and functional storage areas with the latest technology for your school.

If you have questions on how your school may benefit from AssetTracer or flexible Modular Smart Spaces, send us a message at info@debourgh.com.