Modern Smart Locker Solutions for Professional and Collegiate Athletics

Athletic Directors and equipment managers for professional sports teams need durable custom designs for equipment storage. High-density storage systems make the most of your space and keep gear organized and protected while offering comfort, function, safety, and security. Today, we are also worried about airborne pathogens and keeping teams healthy. Your storage and locker systems should be updated as we head into a new era.

How do you get started? 

We work with equipment managers and athletic directors to design equipment room layouts that make the best use of space and optimize staff workflows. How a team locker room is designed varies by sport. From small clusters of lockers to rows of modular storage, we can create an environment to impress or provide cozy living space. Each configuration provides:

  • Custom dimensions to organize pads, helmets, jerseys, and other equipment.
  • Durable finishes branded with your team’s name, logo, and colors.
  • Smart locker systems that control access, save space, and lower maintenance costs.
  • Professional looks with added security

Over the last few years, locker sizes have gotten bigger, and teams prefer more common space where the coach can talk with the team from a central location. Lockers have integrated outlets for charging devices and breathable ventilation to keep uniforms clean and dry. 

What will it look like?

You’ll have a professional athletic locker room solution that is secure, durable, commercial-grade, and aesthetically pleasing. Sometimes they can be very functional rectangular spaces with aisles or rows. Other designs place lockers along perimeter walls. It depends on room dimensions, locker width, the number of lockers, and any other features that might be in the room. It will be functional to meet the team’s needs, but coaches and equipment managers can use it as a recruiting showpiece. Regardless of the sport, you’ll be able to:

  • Focus on developing athletes, not digging for supplies and equipment.
  • Protect your investments in uniforms and gear
  • Choose from various sizes, latch options, and ventilation styles
  • Duplicate systems for spring training facilities to make it easier to navigate equipment between locations

By adding Access Control, you can easily reassign multi-user lock situations and safely track any shared equipment. Besides better security, you’ll know who was last to use a specific locker or item to protect the team’s health and maintain health department compliance.

From the equipment room to the front office, you’ll be organized and secure. Smart locker systems streamline workflows with stackable storage for merchandise, maintenance, confidential files, and team memorabilia. Modular Smart Spaces are custom-built with automation and process control features. The Internet of Things (IoT) can help make your athletic facility more modern and flexible. Various lock types connect to Access Control Software. Cross-over uses include:

  • Benches
  • Sitting and Standing Desks
  • Cabinets and Lockers
  • Cell Phone and Laptop Storage
  • Medical/first aid supplies

What information will you need to present to the board? 

Renovating or adding new storage facilities can be hectic. We work with you to design the solutions, provide estimates, and timelines to ensure your project goes smoothly. We don’t want to interrupt training or game time. We install your systems, train your staff, and take care of service calls.

Ask about DeBourgh’s BuildADVANCE Program to leverage lower off-season pricing regardless of the date of construction. Our All-Welded Athletic Lockers protect your gear for the lifetime of the building. We offer a range of options to secure your team’s valuable equipment. 

Contact us to plan for your team’s future!