electronic storage locker

Electronic Storage Locker Systems for Organized and Efficient Warehouses

Warehouse and Industrial Managers have a tough job ensuring employees’ safety and storing multitudes of equipment and supplies. Whether adding new lockers with your existing security or identification system or upgrading storage areas, wireless locker systems make it easy. The built-in access control software allows you to track assets and users in real-time to keep up with staff who are continually exchanging devices and equipment.

An electronic locker system organizes your warehouse or industrial space to be more efficient when locating valuable assets such as keys, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and barcode scanners. It helps you:

  • Secure warehouse assets
  • Record users in a database 
  • Create a comprehensive audit trail 
  • Integrate access control with security systems
  • Protect employee items and devices during the workday 

How do you get started? 

It’s hard to know where to start when renovating or adding to existing storage systems. We help you design a warehouse or industrial space that works best in a fast-paced environment filled with employees, vendors, delivery drivers, inventory, and information. A uniquely designed storage area can offer: 

  • Mobile carts, workstations, and shelving 
  • Automated package locker systems
  • Fast and efficient access to tools, equipment, and devices
  • Privacy for employee personal items
  • Asset-control lockers that locate assets and reduce misplaced or stolen items

Custom storage solutions are based on your layout and dimensions. Maximize the performance of every inch of your floor space with mobile, wall-mounted, or free-standing storage components to suit current and future needs.

What will it look like?

An electronic storage locker system lets everyone focus on doing their jobs and increase performance. You’ll be able to keep chemicals stored separately for safety and track users of specialty tools or items that only certain employees are certified to use. It will be easier to locate tools, equipment, and keys quickly, and control access to buildings, vehicles, and valuables. 

Be sure you can find what you are looking for quickly using Access Control software that tracks items by SKUs, RFID tags, product names and descriptions, and images. Your new system even reduces the time spent assigning staff lockers.

Smart storage modules let small retail outlets operate the same way as larger distribution centers. You’ll have greater control over material handling and inventory tracking with added access control and reporting. Options and accessories further enhance productivity and security to make picking even faster and more accurate. Automated package locker systems reduce the time spend searching for inventory or parts. An intelligent locker system offers:

  • Integrated storage with department security systems 
  • Tracking software to save on costly administrative and maintenance processes
  • Automatic logging for compliance
  • Device charging and tracking for cell phones, radios, and laptops
  • Various lock types and key control

Today’s stackable locker modules are custom-built with a wide range of features to make your warehouse a more secure, clean, and comfortable place to work.

What information will you need to present to owners? 

We work with you to design detailed proposals that provide estimates and timelines to make sure your project goes smoothly. Avoid delays and interruption in your warehouse. 

With DeBourgh’s BuildADVANCE Program, you can even leverage lower off-season pricing regardless of construction date. We find better ways to fit the budget, and guarantee quality and performance. 

DeBourgh Mfg. Co.’s electric access control lockers safeguard your assets with secure storage, RFID detection, and charging facilities. Find out more about our high-security lockers. 

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