Intelligent Locker Solutions for Banks and Financial Institutions

Today’s lockers integrate technology and space-saving features to help all financial institutions operate smoothly. Bank owners and managers should have the latest intelligent locker systems for self-service deposit lockers and maximum-security storage for valuables, as well as high-security systems to control a network of electronic locks. Lockers can track keys, lock access, device use, add security integration for monitoring and reporting, and even offer contactless package delivery areas.

Locks are central to security for safes, vaults, and doors to easily access valuables while preventing unauthorized access. A combination of mechanical locks and electronic solutions can offer a high level of security and customization. They include:

  • key locks 
  • keycodes with the same code given to all users
  • electronic locks for multiple users
  • high-security electronic locks with unique one-use codes and remote management 

How do you get started? 

How lockers are being used is rapidly evolving to increase security, and the current health crisis requires everyone to adapt customer service areas and processes to ensure greater safety. Technology tools modify current storage for better protection between customers and staff

Volta Access Control locker and storage designs match your safety and security needs. A wide variety of locks and systems provide reliability and protection for managing multiple sites, remote access, and identification options. Attractive, high-quality safe deposit locker columns maximize the use of your vault space and optimize customer use with:

  • High-security enclosures to protect valuables against burglary, fire, or explosives
  • Maximized space in strong rooms
  • Flexible color schemes to integrate with room interiors 
  • High-quality powder coating for attractive finishes that last
  • Large lockers for customers with bulky items, such as artwork

What will it look like?

We design banking storage solutions for new concerns regarding employee and customer health, convenience, and security. Installing Intelligent Lockers will let you easily change multi-user locks, offering and opening them without adding to administrative and maintenance processes. Automatic reporting software integrated with your current security systems let you locate, track, and change access to lockers remotely. You can consistently monitor activity in real-time to achieve the highest level of security.

For employee and customer service, custom-built stackable locker modules interlock and fit into any space. Along with various lock types and integrated security software, you can add different finishes, colors, or castors for mobile systems. Configure them for dual uses in the form of:

  • Benches and Desks
  • Cabinets and Lockers
  • Cell Phone and Laptop Storage

Personnel lockers keep employee items protected. Laptops and cell phones modules are secure for use during office hours while keeping them out of the office space for security reasons. Store work-use radios, tablets, or other on-site property with AssetTracer and monitor individual assets for higher levels of security and accountability. They work with wired or wireless locks and integrated software to access and track items beyond the point of entry. Storage and locker units can be stacked, wall-mounted, or portable versions. 

What information will you need to present to the board? 

We work with you to design the solutions, provide estimates, and timelines to make sure your project goes smoothly while remaining open. Ask about our BuildADVANCE Program to leverage lower off-season pricing regardless of the date of construction. 

Contact us to ensure your financial institution has the latest in technology for secure environments in an industry where both employee and customer safety are paramount. Our Intelligent Lockers are scalable, modular, and fully customizable systems that secure your assets so you don’t have to worry about it.