Integrating Employee Lockers into Your Workplace

If you’ve been considering adding or updating employee lockers into your workplace, you may be wondering how to integrate them. With new smart lockers, the process is simpler than ever before. Because they are able to be configured to any space, and options are available to customize them to seamlessly fit into your business aesthetics, it’s really just a matter of choosing what will work best for you.

Here are some benefits to consider when choosing the right lockers to integrate into your workplace:

Meet a Need.

Employee lockers as a workplace benefit? Did you know that 25% of employees who have dental benefits, don’t use it? Countless studies are performed year after year to really understand what employees value, what benefits they want their employers to offer, how they want to be recognized, and so forth. While these may be important, there is one thing you can do that will help employees meet a basic human need – and that is security.

Limit Liability.

Employee lockers create a win-win situation, helping employees to feel secure in the fact that their valuables are protected and helping employers to limit liability over employee theft. Employee lockers can also be used to protect on-site supplies, such as laptops, radios, scanners, and more from being misplaced or taken home.


Providing a safe place for employees to store their personal items means they are free to focus on their work tasks at hand. Employees worried about a cell phone being stolen, for example, may keep it on them, creating a distraction, rather than leaving it safely in a locker. The same could be said for tablets, headphones, or other high-value items.


Some supplies need to be better managed, and with smart lockers, specific high-value supplies can be stored with limited access to only those who need them and at specific times. An audit log is automatically created to see who has been accessing items or equipment. This solution can keep company supplies out of personal employee lockers, but still allow them to be accessed.


Employee lockers can come in a variety of sizes which can allow for customization for those employees who may want more or less space, adding additional value to the employee. While one employee may want space for a phone, keys, and wallet, another may want additional space for a vintage coat or a gym bag. Consider both static and changing needs.


Integrating employee lockers into your workspace can be a huge, overlooked benefit, that meets a real need, reduce liability, improve focus, and increase security and storage. If you’d like to learn more about implementing employee lockers in your workplace, contact us now to receive a free consultation!