Innovative Storage Solutions for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Whether you’re a Hospital Director, a Department Manager maintaining the security of medications, or a Facilities Manager in charge of several healthcare clinics, it’s your job to provide the right environment for your staff. It is important to improve comfort, safety, security, and workflow in today’s changing environments. You may have recently evaluated your storage and locker areas and found a serious need for updates or renovation. 

How do you get started? 

Excellent storage is a critical part of efficient operations to store supplies, including medical devices, equipment, medication, linens, and personal items. Medical personnel needs to access these things quickly, which means the design of the storage area must be convenient with the recommended conditions to provide: 

  • Organization of private medical records for compliant operations.
  • Fast access to equipment and supplies to let staff spend more time with their patients. 
  • Intelligent storage systems with modular components to help save on space, reduce theft, and lower storage costs.

Hospitals, pharmacies, and medical offices with proper storage can prevent mix-ups, damage, and theft, as well as offer a comfortable workspace to improve operations and patient experiences. DeBourgh customers have trusted us for years to provide the additional storage space they need and keep up with technology and greater needs for efficiency. 

What will it look like?

We design hospital and healthcare facility solutions that are secure, durable, commercial-grade, and aesthetically pleasing. Access Control Lockers have extra-strong security for high-value work items and personal belongings used by your staff members. They can be offered in addition to standard lockers to create additional security for controlled medications, reducing contraband risk with costly settlements and penalties due to patient abuse and staff who are using or selling them. 

Intelligent Lockers, such as AssetTracer, integrate with your access control system, making it a part of your security plan. With the touch of a button, you can respond quickly in multi-user lock situations, offer and open them to authorized staff, and reduce costly administrative and maintenance processes. Each locker automatically tracks who was last to check a specific item in or out for:

  • Rapidly authenticating all transactions
  • Controlling assets in your facility
  • Automatically logging transactions for compliance
  • Tracking electronic devices for improved cyber hygiene 
  • Integrating asset management with security 
  • Accessing and reporting management through a single RTNHub Application

You can combine stackable locker modules to custom-build to your exact needs with automation and process control features. When it comes to today’s healthcare facilities, the Internet of Things (IoT) can help make your space more secure and flexible. 

DeBourgh’s Modular Smart Spaces interlock and will easily work themselves into any space, including hospital rooms. Choose between various lock types and connect to Access Control Software. Add optional features like different finishes or castors for mobile systems. Configure them for dual uses in the form of:

  • Benches
  • Sitting and Standing Desks
  • Cabinets and Lockers
  • Workstations
  • Cell Phone and Laptop Storage
  • Controlled Substance Storage

What information will you need to present to the board? 

Renovating or adding new storage facilities can be hectic. We work with you to design the solutions, provide estimates, and timelines to make sure your project goes smoothly to avoid delays and interruption in the workplace. 

Ask about DeBourgh’s BuildADVANCE Program to leverage lower off-season pricing regardless of the date of construction. We’ll explain how to reserve your spot early using a flexible schedule that saves you money. A lifetime limited guarantee also backs DeBourgh’s high standards for quality and performance. Contact us now to start collaborating on a more innovative and functional storage and locker area with the latest technology for your hospital or clinic.

To learn more about how your medical facility can use secure access control lockers, watch this short (<2 min) video and contact us with any questions or for more information.