Choosing the Right Lockers for You


In your quest to find a storage solution for your organization, there are choices you will have to make. Whether you are considering gear storage lockers, athletic lockers, corridor lockers, or other customized locker types, there are additional specifications you can make to ensure that your lockers will suit all your needs.


Locker Types

These are only a few of the many ways that you can customize your lockers for your own unique circumstances:

Open Front Fire Dept. Lockers


  • Open (Front) Lockers

Security is not always an issue, sometimes it’s spacious, usable storage space that is really needed. Open lockers can be great for children or in places where items need to be easily accessible, like in a police station, hospital, or an emergency response center.



  • Ventilated LockersVentilated Locker

Lockers that will be installed in gyms or athletic centers will definitely be in need of ventilation. To prevent bacterial growth or a nasty odor, it’s important to allow air to circulate throughout the inside of lockers that frequently hold items that are damp. Athletic lockers also need to be much more secure due to their usage in athletic areas, where they tend to take more of a beating than you regular corridor locker.



  • Clear Front Industrial LockerClear Front LockersClear Front Locker

Sometimes security issues make it necessary for lockers to be transparent. While privacy for some users may be important, overall the security of your organization is priority one. Lockers with a clear front allow for easy inspection of the locker contents and you can be sure that nothing undesirable or prohibited is being brought in or out of your facility.



  • TA-50 LockerWire or Mesh Storage Lockers

Long-lasting and durable, these heavy duty lockers can withstand extensive wear and tear that even sturdy metal lockers cannot. These airy storage spaces also provide significant ventilation of their own. While wire or mesh lockers tend to be the same thing as athletic lockers in a school setting, you can also find these features built-in for the military for their signature TA-50 gear storage locker.



How Many Tiers?

Another component to consider is how many tiers your locker unit will have. Lockers with only one tier will allow plenty of sufficient space to store a coat, hat, bag, purse, clothes, Mult-tier Lockershoes, books, and much more. The trade-off being multi-tiered lockers can help fit the storage needs for many people into that available space. The more tiers you have, the smaller the space inside each locker. But if all you need is enough room for users to stow a few belongings, then tiered lockers could be a good way for you to save on space.

U-Shaped tiered lockers provide another way to utilize space by working with smaller lockers, yet leaving plenty of space for people to hang coats and scarves where they can air out and stay wrinkle-free. These type of tiered lockers are considered custom and are less commonly used than the other options.

Which locker type will work best for your organization? Talk with DeBourgh Lockers at +1 800 328 8829 for more solutions to your storage challenges.