Breaking Down the Cost of Lockers


When it comes to purchasing storage lockers for a business, school, or athletic department, the sheer number of options can become overwhelming, much less how it all translates into price. How much does a storage locker actually cost? This brief breakdown should help you better understand how each factor could impact the price of your locker and what the final result will be.



The Price

How much do high-quality storage lockers cost? The answer depends on several factors:



  • Material

Lockers are typically made from metals like cold-rolled sheet steel but they can be constructed from some other choice materials when needed such as plastic. Still, the price, as well as the durability, is affected more so by the construction type you choose rather than the material.


  • Units

Ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars, storage lockers are usually sold in groups, usually referred to as “units,” since not many buyers are looking for just one. Prices will vary according to the number of lockers that are purchased. Standard lockers are usually sold in sets of six or twelve.


  • Construction

Construction can be the most important factor in cost and quality. A knockdown or K.D. locker is made of individual pieces that are bolted or riveted together at the installation site. Each piece, since they are not welded together or uni-body construction, creates multiple points of movement that allows the lockers security to be highly compromised.

DeBourgh WelderA fully welded locker is typically made up of unitized pieces running the length of the unit and is MIG welded to add extra material to the locker. This creates an incredibly rigid structure that lasts many, many years with little to no maintenance required. With a fully welded locker, your organization is less likely to be spending extra money later down the line for maintenance repairs or additional locker parts.

Remember a K.D. locker may allow room for an initial cheaper purchase cost, but they will typically need to be put together by an installation crew in the field, which costs additional money. Whereas all-welded lockers arrive ready to be installed, which can drastically reduce your installation costs.


What’s Included?

What’s included in your lockers is dependent solely on what you decide to ask for. Most lockers, depending on the style and intended use will include clothing hooks, a few shelves, and sometimes a coat rod from which to hang up a user’s personal possessions.

Any lockers worth buying needs to be prepped with the highest security, which might mean they include a set of keys and special lock for each unit. Some designs offer a space for a padlock to be inserted so that users can choose a combination lock or other personal security measure. Other specialty options include a locker that releases a key after payment is made, which is normally used for rentals in public places.


Additional Costs

Keeping in mind when you buy your lockers some shipping and handling fees may apply, plus some padlocks and combination locks need to be purchased separately. The cost of a locker installation can also vary a lot depending on the complexity of the room dimensions, the number of lockers being installed, and what level of expertise is required from the installation crew to ensure the stability of the units.


What Does That Number Really Mean?

Buying any item in mass quantities can result in an inevitable sticker shock, much less a long-lasting, high-caliber item like a storage locker. But when you do the math, your purchase might look a lot better than you think.


Unit of 12 lockers at $6,000 per unit

10 groups purchased, for a total cost of $60,000

Lockers serve 120 individuals (or more) and will last for more than 25 years

$60,000 / 25 years = $2,400 per year = $20 per locker.


High caliber lockers will last for more than 25 years, and can provide security to hundreds of visitors or give that peace of mind to dozens of employees or students. It may be hard not to focus on the upfront cost, but it will be worth it to know your efforts and investment will be well rewarded over the years.

For lockers, quality is often linked to cost. But for a highly reputable brand like DeBourgh Lockers, there’s always the chance to gain the high-level security and storage solution of our lockers while also working within a budget.

Do you know exactly what you’re looking for in a locker? Or maybe you’re ready to explore different specifications further. Request a quote from DeBourgh Lockers at 1-800-328-8829 to start your school, athletic, or office upgrade.