How Customization Can Score You The Ideal Police Locker

Why settle for the same old traditional police locker as everyone else in the 21st Century? Instead of having to pick between only a select few locker models, the new DeBourgh police lockers offer a multitude of options for you to customize with.

Now you have the power to pick and choose which features will transform any space into the ideal police locker room. As various agencies also consider a redesign that allows room for growth while fulfilling the storage needs of its officers, there are a few key things to consider when tailoring your new lockers.


Maximizing Space

A good designer knows that if you want to have a well functioning room it often means knowing how to maximize even the smallest space given. That same concept also applies towards lockers. So if your current agency is facing the battle of limited space, make sure your lockers are customized with features that can solve any space dilemma.

Options that weren’t available before like an attached 17” tall drawer base gives officers a place Police Locker Open Baseto claim as their own even when sitting room is limited. This isn’t the only benefit, as the locker base also allows the option to remove any of the old traditional stand-alone benches that merely clutter the locker room.

Another space maximizing possibility is the drying rack available in the lower drawer. This lets body armor or other articles dry/air out, resolving any future problems of personal affects hanging up elsewhere.


Safety and Security

Keep your officers feeling secure out in the field as well as in the office, with comprehensive locker systems that are guaranteed to protect private belongings while their owners are upholding the peace.Security Box
Security Drawer

Any firearms or personal possessions stored inside
our lockers will be protected by the 3-point, 3-sided latching system which is noted as the most secure in the industry. If there’s a need for extra security the simple addition of a safe-like, security box or security drawer is the solution.


Offering Options

DeBourgh is proud to display an array of locker features to select from, allowing you the freedom to select what will work best for your hometown heroes. Below are only some of the attributes that DeBourgh Lockers offer, for the complete list make sure and visit our first responder page.


  • Interior security drawer
  • Clothing rod with security box
  • 3-circuit plug-n-play electrical system
  • Adjustable side shelf
  • Shelf stop for documents or smaller items
  • Adjustable storage bins
  • Clothing rod
  • Rifle rack for ultimate secure storage of firearms


Customization at Your Fingertip

The ability to customize how the lockers will function is a necessary part of the premium locker solution that you now hold. Don’t let outdated locker rooms compromise the effectiveness of your team.

As always if you have questions or would like help picking out what features would work best for you please don’t hesitate to contact us here at DeBourgh!