Parcel Locker System

Why Smart Lockers Will Win The Shipping Wars This Holiday Season

With the holiday shopping season upon us, many small business owners may be looking to cut costs by consolidating their shipping efforts with parcel locker systems. These smart locker systems are usually located in places such as retail stores and other businesses and allow customers to drop off and receive packages at any time. With the beginning of the Holiday season approaching, you may need to fine-tune your approach to meet customer demand. Fortunately, parcel locker systems can help immensely, especially if you’re short on labor like most other small business owners. 

If you’re in retail or the delivery business, you know how crazy mail rooms can become between Thanksgiving and the New Year. This year, USPS expects to deliver 28 million packages per day between December 16-21 and an average of 20.5 million packages per day for the remainder of the year. Every year it seems like package delivery and parcel services break records, and it can become exceedingly difficult to keep pace with demand. 

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Using a smart locker system can relieve a lot of pressure on you and your staff, allowing you to place your energy elsewhere at a very busy time of year. To accommodate this surplus in demand, you will need a solution that accomplishes these three things:

  • Speed up package intake and distribution
  • Keep packages secure
  • Remain efficient for staff and customers

The good news is that parcel lockers and smart locker systems can accomplish all three of these goals quite easily. There’s a good reason why property managers have been falling in love with these kinds of locker systems, and their adoption has only grown over the years.

1. Speeding Up Package Intake And Distribution Is Easy With A Smart Parcel Locker System

When a package is placed inside a smart locker, the recipient is notified instantaneously. This could be through an email, text, or phone call. Because of the holiday crush of packages, we recommend shortening the timeframe that the customer must come and pick up the package from your parcel locker system. As soon as the package has been received by the customer, that empty parcel can be filled with a new package, and the process starts over again. Because of quick communication, parcel lockers allow for more rapid distribution than a traditional mail room. 

2. Smart Lockers And Parcel Lockers Are Also Incredibly Secure

They typically use randomly-generated pin codes or biometric data in order to be unlocked. This ensures that only the correct recipient can gain entry to the locker and take their goods. Smart lockers can also be customized with security cameras, motion alarms, and the theft deterrence systems such as sirens or motion-activated cameras. Again, when a package is received, the administrator of the smart locker system will be notified and an entry will be made into a digital log. This kind of bookkeeping is useful for not only tracking inventory but finding out where an item went missing in the delivery journey. 

3. Parcel Lockers Are Among The Most Efficient Tools Available When It Comes To Mail Rooms And Package Management For Retail Stores

Instead of hiring a front desk person to watch and monitor all of the packages, you can purchase a parcel locker system with an asset tracking locker system to ensure that your parcels are going where they need to. Rather than devoting multiple employees to in-store pickup, you can easily manage packages with just one person. Also, depending on where your parcel locker system is located, your customers could pick up items after hours even when your store is closed. The 24/7 access that parcel lockers allow is a game changer during a very busy holiday season.

There are many advantages for businesses that have adopted parcel lockers and smart lockers for the upcoming holiday season. Smart lockers provide secure storage tailored to your needs! 

DeBourgh’s smart lockers enhance user experience while reducing management resources operating with a terminal, app or user card. By allowing your customers to pick up items when it’s most convenient for them, you can remain focused on running your business and meeting holiday demand. 

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