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Lockers to Outlast Your Building, and You

DeBourgh has worked hard for four generations to provide the highest quality locker systems for the best value. Our dedication to excellence and attention to detail has made us one of the most trusted companies in the storage solution industry. No matter your budget or the material of your locker, DeBourgh products hold the industry’s greatest satisfaction guarantees.

When we say our products are durable, we truly mean it. Our TA-50 locker is the original military storage locker and was specified with the Corps of Engineers. DeBourgh has delivered more than 50,000 TA-50 locker units within the past 5 years to places like Fort Hood, Fort Drum, Fort Bliss, Fort Carson, and Fort Riley to name a few.

No matter the material or type of locker you need (athletic lockers, hallway lockers, parcel lockers, and more) – DeBourgh provides lockers that provide lasting security with little to no maintenance required. Our economically-engineered options fit a range of needs, from standard products to custom configurations.

Invest in Quality, Not Low-Cost Lockers

“Do I spend a little more for a better-quality product? Or do I go for the cheaper option and save some money, even if it means replacing it sooner?” These are the perpetual questions people ask when it comes to just about every purchase consideration that they must make, including the cost of lockers. Everyone wants to know which option gets you the most for your money.

We understand the temptation of choosing a low-cost locker when you need a quick and affordable solution for storage. However, choosing a low-cost, poorly-made knockdown locker will cost you much more in the long run. Knockdown lockers only last a few years before needing major maintenance or complete replacement – forcing you to continually reinvest into lockers. This is why they’re called ‘knockdown lockers’ – they don’t last long.

Consider the Lifecycle cost of lockers, which includes

  • The initial purchase price
  • The length of time before the product wears out and must be replaced completely
  • How much is spent on maintenance within that period

DeBourgh all-welded lockers pay for themselves in the long run because they require little-to-no maintenance and replacement parts are rarely necessary. Through research and case studies, we have found that the 40-year cost of owning DeBourgh All-Welded lockers is just ¼ of what it would cost to purchase and re-purchase knockdown lockers in the same period.

The 40-year-cost to own DeBourgh All-Welded lockers is just $90,000, compared to the 40-year-cost of using knockdown lockers, which can amount to $360,000. The high cost of purchasing cheap lockers comes back to bite when you must purchase new lockers every ten years or so.

One way to estimate the cost over the lifetime of the lockers is by considering the warranty given by the manufacturers themselves since the point of the warranty is to indicate how long the locker should last. For instance, the warranty on a knockdown locker can be between zero to three years, although they have been known to last for 30 years or more. However, this lifecycle includes regular maintenance on doors, hinges, frames, and locks, with parts needing replacements, material expenses, and labor costs, etc. — so while they might last longer than their warranty, they can begin to cost money very soon after their initial purchase.

DeBourgh lockers come warranted to last for 64 years or a lifetime – whichever might come first. That’s how confident we are in our product. DeBourgh military-grade lockers are designed to withstand rain, snow, wind, sand, and extreme heat and cold. Our secure locker systems are so rock-solid and reliable; they even have a lifetime warranty. Eco-friendly powder coat finishes resist rust and graffiti and keep lockers scratch and ding-free. Antibacterial coatings resist, inhibit, and prevent the growth of microbes, including bacteria, fungus, viruses, and mold. These coatings also reduce the potential for staining, discoloration, and unpleasant odor. The days of corroded metal lockers have been replaced by quality aesthetics and clean amenities that meet increased consumer expectations.

While we’re very proud of the products we sell, there are also many outside details that affect the longevity of lockers, from placement, usage, geography, products supervision, humidity levels, what material was it made of, and much more. What about your environment may affect cost and life of the lockers?

When you work with DeBourgh, we carefully consider your needs, and can design a locker of any style to fit your needs. Whether you need athletic lockers, academic lockers, or military-grade all-welded construction, we have a variety of low maintenance models with Lifetime Limited Warranty.

For more information on how long lockers can last in your building, contact DeBourgh Lockers and ourteam of experts will meet with you to discuss all the best options for your location.