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4 Surprising Reasons to Use Intelligent Lockers in Your Warehouse

Intelligent lockers are lockers with integrated smart design- such as limited access (pin, biometrics, key card, etc.), record keeping (who accessed when), and even temperature or air control. They were created to increase accountability, security, and safety. Already used in

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No More Wet, Smelly Gear: Caring for Your Kevlar Vest with the Innovative First Responder Locker

Body armor, such as Kevlar vests require special care in order to maintain their effectiveness. UV light (sunshine), dry cleaning chemicals, harsh detergents, and even excess water can be damaging, so proper care is critical. It is important to follow

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Body-Worn Cameras: Why They Matter and How to Keep Them Safe with Asset Lockers

Body-worn cameras are growing in popularity as the public cries for more transparency when it comes to matters of security. Prison guards, security officers, and law enforcement are industries making a shift towards the gear.  Education, transportation, and even healthcare

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