Smarter Lockers Needed for Today’s Work Environment

Today’s work environment is changing. Even offices that aren’t being built with shared space and adaptive technologies are seeing the need for increased security and flexibility. Real estate is moving towards smart technology, integrating security systems, heating/cooling, electrical/lighting, and electronics and appliances. 

This technology is allowing for greater flexibility and customization and is the growing norm. Even assigning a single employee to a locker or desk is changing with today’s “gig” economy, where employers are looking at finding higher skills from fewer employees to maximize agility, productivity, and ultimately, profits.

Dynamic environments are the future of buildings, intentionally shifting towards the connection and autonomy of users. IoT (Internet of Things) and cloud computing have opened up opportunities for customization in the workplace like never before, and with this advancement, also comes risk. 

Security has never been more important, as BYOD (bring your own device) options allow employees to have access anywhere and anytime to important information, that, if used inappropriately could be devastating.

Intelligent Locker Technology

Shared, high-value assets are one way to manage the security of client lists and data, but then managing those assets becomes a priority. The balance must exist between personal autonomy and flexibility with security. One way to tackle this balance is through the use of intelligent locker technology.

Co-working concepts, hot desks, and open and creative workspaces require the ability to regulate access to high-value assets, and even personal assets while creating an audit trail and offering flexibility. 

Intelligent lockers, which allow for single-use codes, can be used to safely and securely store personal items without the need to re-key. This is important for temporary or ‘gig’ employees, shared workspace, flex space, or changing needs. For example, if an employee needs space for keys and a wallet one day, and space for a guitar and jacket another, they can simply choose another locker – allowing for optimization of space.

Intelligent lockers can also be used to store building keys, emergency supplies, laptops, radios, scanners, and more while limiting access to only the right personnel at the right time of day. These lockers create an audit trail automatically, tracking who has accessed and returned specific equipment or supplies at any given time.