Safety and Security for School Resource Officers

school resource officer

School Resource Officers (SROs) storing weapons at their schools may be a controversial subject. Whether or not this is allowed, must be a decision by the school, parents, and students, and the overall administrative team. 

However, if the decision is made to allow the School Resource Officers to keep weapons and specialized safety gear onsite, we strongly promote using secure access control lockers for ultimate safety. 

Here’s why we suggest them:

Open or Lock Down All Lockers

If a school has a scare, student lockers can be locked down or opened by administration as quickly and easily as locking down doors. This can be critical in the case of a search, or to keep potentially dangerous supplies out of the hands of dangerous people.

School Resource Officers can do their jobs faster and more efficiently– and a fast response is incredibly important during emergency situations.

Secure Audit Trail

When used for highly valuable supplies, such as safety gear, firearms, OC spray, communication equipment, or other security needs, an automatic audit of who, what, and where the items were accessed is maintained.

Highly durable, they can’t be broken into and can be limited in access through biometrics, pin-codes, or keycards which can be changed quickly if needed.

SRO’s, families, and administration will want to know and trust that the security of any onsite weapons and security gear isn’t tampered with. Access control lockers provide this peace of mind by offering several measures to limit access to only the right personnel at the appropriate times.


The specific build of the lockers should be durable, so they can last a long time, maximizing the budget. They should also offer different designs to accommodate changing needs and different types of uses. Durability helps protect your investment and allows for aesthetic changes due to damage/vandalization or remodeling/upgrades.


To learn more about how School Resource Officers and schools, in general, can use secure access control lockers, watch this short (<2 min) video and contact us with any questions or for more information.